Speed Up the Healing Process with Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm

True or false – can your skin be affected by the climate? This is very true! Both cold and dry or hot and humid weather can definitely take a toll on your skin. Not only does the temperature outside determine what you will be wearing that day, but it also impacts your skin and you should be aware of its affects.

Colder climates tend to dry out your skin, stripping moisture. Warmer climates may cause your skin to sweat which may lead to breakouts.

Discovery.com has the perfect quiz about your skin and the weather, I even learned a little from taking it myself! One thing that is mentioned in the quiz is the importance of using a daily moisturizer. I crack up every time I try to give my brothers or boyfriend skin care tips. Especially when it comes to moisturizers, they think they don’t need it. The common responses from them is, “ew it will make my skin oily and break out,” or “my face is never dry, no need for a moisturizer” or “guys don’t need to use that stuff.” Little do they know it is actually very vital, especially needed to help combat the effects of warm sticky humid temperature or dry frosty temperatures.

Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm is a face cream that will nourish and hydrate the skin.  This balm supplies a mega dose of essential healing nutrients, promotes intense hydration, increases circulation to speed up the healing process, tightens connective tissue and also calms and nourishes inflamed skin. This product is beneficial for all skin types; excellent for healing post-operative and traumatized skin. Also, truly great for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, stressed, menopausal, hormonally imbalanced and mature skin. It can be used morning and evening, or as often as needed. This product smells amazing, and sinks into your skin leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Tammy Fender Skin Care was founded with the belief that beauty and wellness are interconnected and equally important when maintaining a balance between the physical and spiritual. Through Tammy’s custom blended formulations, she addresses the skin, our largest living organ, and acknowledges that anything put onto our skin enters into the body and becomes one with the person. All Tammy Fender formulations are Pure Living Energy for the skin – the life force that radiates through nature and permeates every cell of our being. All Tammy Fender products are made with the most pure, organic ingredients, freshly prepared in small batches and promote radiant health and healing of the skin

Tammy Fender’s philosophy is a beautiful one, just like her products!  

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  1. Kim

    LOVE Jane Iredale products! Powder is lightweight with great coverage!

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