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10.8 Juara Turmeric

Being a beauty reporter has a lot of perks, the best of which—aside from getting new beauty products to try almost every day—is gaining access to a wealth of information about skin care ingredients. One of my most recent beauty discoveries? The benefits of turmeric on skin—yes, that same edible spice that makes Indian curry so yellow and, well, mouthwatering.

A little history lesson about this super spice: Did you know it has been used in Indian ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for years for treating arthritis, heartburn, headaches, eye infection and digestive disorders? But its laundry list of benefits doesn’t stop there. Applied topically on skin, it’s also said to treat acne, blackheads, dark spots, eczema, psoriasis and even wrinkles. I personally have never read any of the scientific studies supporting these claims, but a little digging through the Internet revealed that turmeric really has the potential to do all these because it’s a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Now this may all sound theoretical to you—it did to me, too—so I decided to give Juara’s Clove Flower and Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum a try. Since I’m already in love with some of Juara’s products (my all-time favorite facial scrub is the Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub), it’s not completely a shot in the dark. Still, I was worried I’d start smelling like food. To my surprise, it didn’t smell like anything—and its faint yellow color simply disappeared upon contact with my skin. On a hot day, this serum works just fine as a light moisturizer. It’s super-hydrating, thanks to its hyaluronic acid content. I also love the fact that it doubles as an antioxidant serum, complementing my sunscreen and beefing up my defense against the sun’s harmful rays.

Now turmeric may be called a spice, but in case you’re wondering, it isn’t the ingredient responsible for curry’s spiciness. (In fact, it doesn’t even taste like anything at all.)  So if you’re worried it’s going to trigger rosacea—something that spicy foods tend to do—don’t fret because this one won’t. Trust me, its natural anti-inflammatory properties will give your skin the opposite effect.  Give turmeric a shot and you’ll see what I mean!

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