Spray On Brand-Spankin’ New Skin

News.discovery.com: Photo courtesy Jorg Gerlach, University of Pittsburgh

Think spraying on new, younger looking skin is something out of a science fiction movie? Think again. Scientists have recently developed a medical device that sprays skin stem cells onto open wounds, specifically for burn victims. The solution that fills the spray gun is made up of stem cells from a patient’s healthy skin, and once sprayed, results can be seen in a matter of hours, whereas skin grafting can take weeks.

So what would happen if its uses expanded into the commercial sector, namely the beauty and cosmetic industry?

When you look at the scientific developments in the past decade or two, it seems that the concept of a spray-on skin gun for enhancing one’s youthful beauty may not be that farfetched. Just look at the treatments that were originally developed to address more serious health issues and were then developed for cosmetic purposes: from nerve-muscle-disorder-Botox-treatments-turned-wrinkle-busters to cataract-treatments-turned-eyelash-enhancers.

Based on this trend, it may be safe to assume that these nifty little skin-regenerating spray guns will one day be on the market. While it’s still in the prototype phase, this new technology may one day revolutionize the skin care industry and render anti-aging skin care products obsolete. Just think—one day you may open up your medicine cabinet to reach for your very own spray-on skin gun, and go to bed knowing that you’ll awaken to new, baby soft, smooth skin.


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