Stagecoach Ready with the Best Beauty Products!

You can never be too prepared, that is definitely a motto I live my life by! Growing up, my mother was always known as the person who would  bring everything but the kitchen sink whether we were on a family outing such as going to Disneyland or relaxing at the beach for the afternoon.

This ‘gift’ definitely has been passed on to me, and let me tell you I have been preparing for Stagecoach since I got my ticket on Christmas! Let’s be honest, getting ready for Stagecoach entails numerous things that must be taken into careful consideration such as:

  • The weather – Indio this time of year tends to be nice and warm, SPF is a must!
  • Adult Beverages – A pre Stagecoach drink is definitely in order; try something like ‘Summertime Beer’ 1 can frozen Minute Maid Lemonade, 6 Coors Lights and 1 medium size bottle of vodka over ice!
  • OUTFITS – this year there will be three needed instead of two (stressful)!
  • Makeup – the best beauty products to go along with the perfect weekend!

The number one item that will be in my makeup bag Stagecoach weekend is Miracle Skin Transformer’s Tinted Skin Enhancer. This product is a combination of a primer, tinted moisturizer and SPF! Miracle Skin Transformer also makes a body version that has a slight shimmer which will enhance your sun kissed skin. I would also recommend bringing Supergoop’s Everyday Spray , which is a moisturizing face and body SPF 30. You can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. Remember to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day, proper use of sunscreen is very important.

Once my makeup is complete I will be spritzing my Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, this refreshing mist will keep your makeup flawless throughout the warm weekend!

Moving on to lips, I have got my new favorite shade of Lipstick that I think is totally country inspired. Sunday Riley’s Havana Heyday is the perfect shade to wear all weekend long! I could even see Miss Miranda Lambert herself sporting this fabulous light coral color!

Now that all your makeup is prepared I have one last final touch that will complete your perfect Stagecoach weekend look, nail polish! To compliment that gorgeous lipstick, Essie’s Tart Deco finishes up your look delivering the perfect package.

Ya’ all are now ready to enjoy California’s most amazing Country Music Festival with performances by only the best! The lineup this year (to name a few) includes Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisely, Jason Aldean and The Band Berry. So slip your cowboy boots on and tip your hat to a weekend to remember!

“Let’s get this thing started. It’s my kind of party”!



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