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BY Beth · July 26, 2011

Last weekend I had my annual girl’s trip to Las Vegas which needs to be upgraded to a quarterly trip in my opinion. It is a great time to catch up with my girls and well…you know the saying, what happens in Vegas. One thing I will share with you is some beauty advice. One of our favorite Vegas activities involves pool side cabanas and lots of socializing. I may be biased, but I think I have some pretty good looking friends that manage to stay beautiful pool side without over doing it on the makeup. So I decided to ask them about and have them share some of their favorite beauty tips on how to do makeup for the pool and here are some of their preferred suggestions:

For the Face:

Having an effortless look at the pool is something everyone can achieve and it is much easier than applying heavy makeup that will most likely streak anyway and cause you to reapply often. One of our favorite items for the pool is to use a waterproof tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. Not only are you protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but you are supplying your face with sheer coverage and color giving you a beautiful, flawless, natural looking glow that won’t streak.

For the Eyes:

Using a waterproof mascara may seem like common sense for the pool, but you would be surprised at how many smudged lashes we saw caused by pool water and perspiration in the 105 degree weather. Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara actually ‘tubes’ your lashes with nourishing liquid for flake-free, smear-free lashes, even while swimming. It is easily removed by wetting your lashes and gently pulling the ‘tubes’ off.  For extra pop, try curling your lashes with a curler after applying the mascara.

For the Body:

For an added boost, try some all over body shimmer to add instant radiance for a bright and youthful glow. Just a dab will do, there is no need to over-do it and turn yourself into Kesha. Unless you really want to, then by all means, but I wouldn’t advise it for pool side. With the right product, this can be a fun way to keep your body moisturized and to neutralize free radicals. Just spray on the body and face whenever you need a little extra shimmer.

For the Lips:

Your lips can burn too so it is important to provide them with the same kind of protection that you would for your body and face. Using a Lip gloss or balm with SPF can also have dual roles in your pool side beauty routine if you pick the right product. Try a tinted gloss with plumper to add some color and volume. This will keep your lips conditioned, healthy and plump and provide a smooth overall texture.

What are some of your pool side beauty tips?


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