Stress & Premature Aging

Stress is a widely known term used to describe the consequences of the failure of a person to respond appropriately to certain situations. Nearly everyone will feel some amount of stress in their life at some point. Stress can be brought on by conflicts with relationships, break-ups, deaths, marriage, divorce, the birth of a child as well as many more instances.

Stress can bring on many other more serious problems including depression, sleep problems, actual pain, obesity and issues concerning the skin. Stress can cause skin conditions such as eczema, rashes and premature aging. Premature aging includes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, sallow skin and an overall unhealthy appearance to the skin.

Aging of the skin is a natural process that unfortunately cannot be avoided, however premature aging can…

Knowing how to control your stress is the first step to avoid premature aging. Incorporating supplements into ones diet is a great way to control stress. Equavie Sea Dietary Supplement promotes relaxation within the body and also provides an abundant amount of essential minerals and trace elements to the body.

Soaking into a bath at the end of a long and stressful day is another way to detox and remove stress from the body. Adding treatment to your bath water is also helpful in reducing stress with aromatic elements like Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil. Essential oils like sandalwood, lavender and orange are added in this product to stimulate calming in the body and mind.

Treating yourself to a massage lessens stress by relaxing the muscles as well as unwinding the mind. A massage can be even more relaxing with the right essential oils like safflower and geranium. Ask your significant other or your massage therapist to use Pevonia Botanica Anti-Stress Micro-Emulsion Massage Oil for your massage oil and feel the relief.

Reducing stress not only helps improve the mind and body it also assists in reducing premature aging of the skin – something we all are looking for.

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  1. L. Villarreal

    Is there anything about stress being linked to roscea, or even hot flashes being related to stress?

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