Summer Lip Stories – Who’s your Match?


Dolling up your lips is not a seasonal thing. It’s a year round relationship. It includes an array of partners – lip glosses, lipsticks, lip stains, lip plumpers, lip kits and most of the time they’re around as a short term commitment. So your lips really get around. Honestly, this may be the one category that girls cheat the most. We may have the one we always go back to because it’s always around, but we’re always open to new suitors. To men, this concept is ridiculous, but we’re girls! Who cares! Lip products are awesome. Here are a few of my new favorites that you should be a little more than faithful to – well at least for the summer.

First step, If you want fuller-looking lips try a hydrating lip plumper without the bite under any gloss or lipstick. Maxilip is an incognito lip plumper that looks just like a lip balm. Your move Lip Smackers.

A perfect pink is a necessity and can be your best accessory. Pink Holiday’s Luxury Satin Lipstick Shopping in Paris is a vibrant, coral-pink shade that will complement any skin tone. This, THIS is one of those mysterious lipsticks that is the total package. It’s creamy, highly pigmented, long lasting and uber feminine. What more could a girl want? Oh, I know, make it smell like coconut too. This is your go-to wow-factor lipstick for summer, plain and simple.

If you have commitment issues, CATTIVA’s Tanti Baci 6 Gloss Palette is your new best lip toy.  This gorgeous lip gloss palette includes 6 glossy shades for whatever mood you’re in. I know there are a lot of skeptics about getting a gloss palette because we’ve all been let down by cheap kits that are just a waste of everything. Not this one. Each of the 6 shades is jam packed with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to give you the utmost moisture for a fuller-looking pout. My favorite part about this is that the gloss doesn’t taste bad! But Jenna, why are you eating the lip gloss? Come on people, you know you can taste every lipstick, gloss or chapstick upon applying; it’s a part of the fun. Instead of getting a chalky-Elmer’s glue kind of taste, these creamy concoctions have a hint of cherry so every touch-up is definitely worth it. Each side has a mirror and 3 colors, along with a retractable brush. It’s not only inexpensive, it’s convenient and the payoff is great. Total must have for any girl on the go.

No matter the color, make sure any lip color for summer is hydrating. It’s the key to a perfect pout that will make any man weak at the knees.

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