Sun-kissed skin all year round is easier than you think!

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I’ve been finding myself pale and stressed out before weekend trips recently. Who wants to be in a bikini looking like a patchy Edward Cullen? Let’s face it, life gets crazy and laying out or scheduling a spray tan sometimes does not get done. I’ve been experimenting with self-tanners since I got my hands on some during Coachella and boy, I am addicted!

There are so many benefits you can gain from a gorgeous tan. You look better in your clothes, your teeth are brighter, you even look slimmer without working too hard for it and the confidence you gain is undeniable.

With a cabinet full of self-tanners, one stands out from the rest of them! Manna Kadar’s Bronze Beauty is my go to for a sun-kissed complexion that was very easy to achieve. You want to shower, exfoliate, and shave before you apply. Using her mitt concentrate on a small area at one time. I love that this bronzing lotion smells like a vacation and not self-tanner.

Make sure you blend really well and sleep on old sheets for the night. Wait at least 3 hours before showering off the excess and you will walk out of the shower glowing like a goddess.

Secret’s out! Grabs yours NOW!

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