Survivor South Pacific Recap

Welcome to the episode 10 recap! Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real. (So what if that’s from the wrong reality show, it’s applicable!)  This week on Survivor South Pacific, numbers are dwindling, alliances are developing cracks and tribe mates are inevitably going to have to turn on each other Lord of the Flies Style (minus the cannibalism), since 7 people cannot make it to the finals.

We left off last week with Jim joining his amigos, Ozzy and Keith, on Redemption Island. Upon arrival, Jim bemoans “I thought we were supposed to be the final three…” To which Ozzy responds, “I hate to say I told you so gentlemen, so I won’t say it.” Let me preface this with the fact that I have grown to adore Ozzy and his modern day Cursoe ways, however, I HATE when people say that. Why bother? You just said “I told you so.”

Back in the land of the Te Tuna Tribe, i.e. Dawn and Whitney vs. Savaii, Coach delivers a speech to the remaining members declaring Jim the scum of the earth and that everyone, including Whitney and Dawn should feel secure. Uh ok, Coach, I’m sure they feel secure… knowing you are getting voted off next is like a giant ol’ security blanket.

After a little requisite beach side Tai Chi from Coach and his new apprentice, Cochran, who admitted to “drinking the Coach-Kool-Aid,” it’s off to Redemption Island where my three favorite players, besides Dr. Edna Ma of course, have to battle it out for a chance to stay in the game. Their challenge is to balance two tall poles on the back of their hands; the first two to drop their poles are officially out of the game and become the first two members of the Jury. The winner gets to stay on Redemption Island. Once the battle starts, Brandon and Rick openly cheer for Jim, while Whitney cheers for her former cuddle partner, Keith. Jeff Probst asks if anyone is rooting for Ozzy, in return he gets crickets from the peanut gallery; although, I did resist the urge to grab my TV and yell “I am! I am!” What? I can’t help it! I’ve grown fond of his scruff and watching him fish and forage.  After 10 minutes elapses, Jim is the first person out, followed quickly by Keith, allowing Ozzy to stay on Redemption Island, and Jim and Keith become the first two members of the Jury (cue my little happy dance for Ozzy).

Even though Ozzy didn’t have a vocal cheering section in the remaining tribe members, he does have one person believing in him (besides me…)- himself! After winning, Ozzy announces “I’m getting ready for the next person to come in. I’ll be nice, make you fish, give you fruit and then I’ll beat you… If anything, I’ve just gotten stronger since being out here on redemption. The next couple of people coming through redemption are going to have a big challenge in front of them, and that’s me.” And cut to a montage of Ozzy spear fishing and climbing trees.

Next up is the Immunity Challenge. Contestants must balance a bowl of rice on their heads, cross a see-saw and dump the rice into a bucket, if anyone’s bowl of rice falls, they must go back to the beginning. The first person to fill their bucket with the requisite amount of rice wins the Immunity necklace and cannot be voted out at Tribal Council. Sophie quickly takes the lead and easily wins Immunity, which clearly puts the remaining Savaii members, Whitney and Dawn, on the chopping block.

With Probst’s promise of a Tribal Council twist, it’s time for big moves to be made. Whitney and Dawn plead with Albert to save them and recruit Sophie and Cochran to turn on the others and vote out Edna. Noooo! (That was the second time in one episode I had to resist grabbing the screen and attempting to communicate with the players). Albert and Sophie are both very smart players and understand that not only is this a time to secure votes, it’s also the time to really lock down alliances, since everyone voted out will eventually land on the Jury and decide who wins a million dollars. Coach suspects Albert of scheming and declares in his best John Gotti voice that anyone who votes against the original alliance will be subjected to “instant death.” Ok, he didn’t really use a gangster accent, but I wish he would have. So do Sophie and Albert decide to save Dawn and Whitney by voting out Edna? Or do they stick with the game plan and pick off the Savaii members one at a time? Anddddd…… Dawn is the next person voted to Redemption Island.

But wait! There is still 20 minutes left in the episode! What could be the secret twist the Probst promised us? Why, it’s an immediate Immunity Challenge, to take place right in Tribal Council followed by an immediate vote! The challenge is a trivia game with survival related questions; whoever answers wrong is out of the challenge. Eventually, Whitney and Sophie are the final two left and Sophie wins Immunity once again. They go through the formality of another vote, even though it is not needed, as Whitney is obviously the next person to go to Redemption Island.

So what happens when the Te Tuna tribe, aka Upolu plus Cochran, have to start voting each other out? We’ll have to hold our breath and cross our fingers for the BareEase and Cream creator for the next two weeks! Darn Thanksgiving, gets in the way of reality TV every time.

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