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Let’s break it down: I’ve been using glycolic acid daily and I think I might have a problem. Enter in redness, my new friend. Since my addiction has gone of control, I’ve noticed my skin being more flushed, in a red delicious apple sort of way. Definitely not good in the land of beauty so [...]

Rejuvenating Relief for Reddened Skin

Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects many people from Bill Clinton to Cameron Diaz, unfortunately the definitive cause of this pervasive proclivity for inflammation is still not yet known. Myriad theories range from hereditary factors to an overactive immune system to mites that live in the skin of the nose and cheeks. Whatever [...]

I Hate The Gym But Not For The Reasons That You Do.

As most of the United States has pledged to “get fit” or to “lose weight” for their new year’s resolutions, my disdain for going to the gym grows to a ridiculous level. Only because the crowds (I hate a crowded gym) will slowly dissipate over the next month or two only to leave the survivors [...]

Rosacea’s Cause Found… And It’s Mite’s Poop?!

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart. Mites living and breeding on our faces, and causing unexplained redness, pus-filled pimples, spidery veins and bloodshot eyes? That sounds like a plot straight out of a sci-fi movie to me—but not according to the Journal of Medical Microbiology, whose recent study states that a [...]

Jurlique’s Antioxidant Gel Mask: The Perfect Antidote for Stressed Skin

Your skin is a reflection of your health. So whenever the effects of daily stress and lack of sleep start to show on my skin, I reach for rejuvenating skin care products that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, essential minerals and natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.  Facial masks are particularly helpful in helping to reset and [...]

Streamlined Skin Care for Complexion Perfection

I frequently get to sample new products for work, but I’m always a little wary of using skin care products that may irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin. So to my relief and delight, I got to test out Somme Institute’s 5-step regimen, which is a streamlined, comprehensive system designed for all skin types for complexion [...]

Winter Skin Soothers

 Got winter skin woes? The cold, dry weather can be your worst enemy, especially if you already suffer from dry, sensitive skin that’s prone to eczema. It’s seasons like this that require the strictest skin care regimens because you’ll need all the skin care and dietary arsenal you can get to help your skin survive [...]

Winter Skin Rescue: Nuxe New Reve De Miel

From frigid, cold outside air to dry indoor heat, winter can really wreak havoc on your skin. Thankfully Nuxe’s New Reve De Miel skin care line has come to our wintery rescue! So beat those winter blues away and get excited to have glowing, healthy skin even in the cold winter months ahead. Nuxe’s new [...]

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