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Tag Archives: shampoo

Loving the Shower for More Reasons Than One

I’ve been loving my shower times for more reasons than one lately, and the products of our friend Billy Jealousy are to blame. Consequently, I have a bone to pick with Billy Jealousy revolving my latest water bill that frankly I’d like them to pay. I do this out of love and appreciation, but at [...]

What is in My Shampoo?

After being disappointed by one shampoo after another I realized I have basically been picking out my shampoos blindly. I have concerns like dry scalp and limp hair that I would like to know how to avoid so I decided to do a little research. I found that there are 4 standard ingredient types that [...]

Manly Monday – “5 Things” Men Should Use

I take it as my responsibility on this blog to speak to my fellow men and open their eyes to the world of grooming in a way that won’t spook them like a kangaroo in the headlights. For instance, we’re not seeing many male products out there that speak of probiotic serums and vegetable cleaners [...]

Getting A Shampoo That’s Right For You

Have you ever walked into a store just to buy shampoo and been overwhelmed by the literally hundreds of products lining the shelves? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Countless women struggle with this problem every time they go shopping for beauty supplies. One of the reasons that the decision can be so difficult is that [...]

Get Fresh with Philip B

Washing hair takes time which not everyone has a lot of. It needs to be washed, maybe dried, then perhaps styled and the minutes just keep building up. Luckily, it’s actually good if you don’t wash your hair every single day. One thing that makes the thought of dirty hair a little easier to grasp [...]

Best Dry Shampoo for Hair that Just Won’t Quit

By: Amber Nicole No need to stress about washing your hair when time is of the essence, dry shampoo can alleviate any time crunches! The best thing about dry hair shampoos is that in-between washes your hair can still look fresh and fantastic! I love using dry shampoo because it is fast, easy and gives [...]

Top Five Beauty Questions

The world of beauty care can be as confusing as it is exhilarating. Everyone offers up their own set of rules, must-have products, and testimonies, but it’s a rare occasion when someone’s tried-and-true beauty regimen works for another. When it comes to cosmetics and skin care, it’s every woman for herself, which certainly leaves a lot of questions unanswered! In the hope of clarifying some sources of confusion, here’s five common beauty questions and, even more importantly, their answers!

Wonder Why Shampoos Never Work?

Sometimes I find myself experiencing sticker shock when it comes to hair care products—shampoo specifically. Being in the beauty business, I know not to use the cheapie stuff found in the dispensers at the gym. But I also know better than to shell out an inordinate amount of cash for a product that tells me [...]

Vitamins and Minerals for Hair Growth

by Liz W Growing out your hair can be a long and frustrating process, and it is easy to damage your hair by trying to hurry it up. If your hair is growing slowly, thinning, or just dull and brittle, you might want to take a look at your diet and see what you could [...]

Fall Beauty Tips

Happy fall equinox! As a self-proclaimed “summer hater,” I am quite pleased that the return of autumn is finally here. In celebration, I’ve put together a few of my favorite fall beauty tips for keeping your skin healthy, your hair strong and your makeup seasonal as the weather changes.

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