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Tag Archives: Skin Care Information

Regain Radiant, Supple Skin with Juara’s Black Tea and Rice Duo

If you’ve slacked off on your skin care regimen and need a quick pick me up for dull, tired-looking skin, Juara’s Black Tea and Rice anti-aging duo does just the trick! First off, I’m a fan of the entire line, which is known for its unique blends of botanical extracts inspired by the ancient beauty [...]

Winter Skin Care Tips

While it is 60 degrees in Washington, DC today, it was in the 20s last week, and my skin is feeling it. While I love winter, my skin doesn’t. If you are like me, you might experience some winter skin problems such as, excessive dryness, flakiness, discomfort, roughness, itchiness, and redness. Over the years, I [...]

The Top 6 Treatments for Scars

Scars can be as different from each other as the people who have them! Some are dark. Some are light. Some are wide. Some are raised. Some are easily seen. And some are almost invisible. One thing that we know for sure is that genetics play a huge role in the appearance of scars, but [...]

Winter Skin Soothers

 Got winter skin woes? The cold, dry weather can be your worst enemy, especially if you already suffer from dry, sensitive skin that’s prone to eczema. It’s seasons like this that require the strictest skin care regimens because you’ll need all the skin care and dietary arsenal you can get to help your skin survive [...]

Why Natural Skin Care is More Important Now Than Ever

We’ve had quite a few baby showers in our office this past year, so when our friends at Episencial responded to breaking news surrounding a boycott on Johnson & Johnson baby products, we felt the need to help them raise awareness on this very important issue. After all, it doesn’t just concern mothers and their [...]

Easy Living with Eczema

The weather is changing and for anyone with a little thing called eczema, fall is the precursor to a bad skin season. Eczema shows up as those impossible scaly patches that are often inflamed, red and itchy. They’ll be the first to let you know it’s getting colder by showing up and saying hello. Nice [...]

The ABCs of Sun Protection for your Tween’s Face

By Deborah Hernan The summer season provides a unique opportunity to teach our beautiful daughters a critically important life skill:  How to protect her face from the sun. “A” is for Always. We become keenly aware of the need for sun protection in the summer time.  But protecting her face from the sun should be [...]

Beauty from the Vine

By Mathilde Thomas 1/3 Grapes. 1/3 Science, 1/3 Glamour, 100% Caudalie I created Caudalie in 1995 with my husband Bertrand because I believe it is possible to formulate highly effective beauty products with natural ingredients and luxurious textures and scents. It is those vines on my family’s property in Bordeaux that inspire me each day. [...]

Spray On Brand-Spankin’ New Skin

Think spraying on new, younger looking skin is something out of a science fiction movie? Think again. Scientists have recently developed a medical device that sprays skin stem cells onto open wounds, specifically for burn victims. The solution that fills the spray gun is made up of stem cells from a patient’s healthy skin, and [...]

The Low-Cost Skin Investment: DIY Facials

So, you’re finally sticking to a daily skin care regimen — washing, toning, treating, and moisturizing – but what about a more intensive skin care treatment? How often do you get a facial? For some, a monthly spa facial is a necessity, and I fully support that. However, if forking out $50 to $100 is [...]

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