Taking The Spa Home With You


There’s an odd contradiction these days when it comes to people taking the time to really pamper themselves. In this fast-paced world where cars are faster, communication is instant no matter where you are and technology is supposed to make our lives more convenient, then why is it we never seem to have enough time for ourselves? The old adage is true; one can never have time unless they take time.

Recently a friend of mine posted on her Facebook that she was experiencing vertigo attacks and asking for suggestions on how to prevent them. This brought me back to my high school days when my Mom was experiencing them due to the stresses of work and home.  It all culminated in my senior year when she legally separated from my Father and was laid off from her work and given a year’s salary as severance. She took a year off and focused on herself, redoing the living room and the bathrooms, gardening and focusing on the things that she could fine peace and stability in. As time went on the attacks became less and less frequent.

Now I’m not suggesting that everyone quite their jobs and leave their spouses. I merely wish to point out that there always needs to be a balance between the positive and negative aspects of daily life. Exercise, meditation and other activities have been clinically proven to improve the overall health of individuals when done regularly and consistently.

One doesn’t need to spend hundreds at a spa or massage parlor every week to attain this state of equilibrium. Just a handful of products can transform your mundane bathroom into a luxurious spa experience.  Start by drawing the bath and setting the mood with some aromatherapy candles.  Brands like Level Naturals and Apothia Los Angeles can fill a room with exquisite aromas that go to work on relieving stress and promoting a positive mood and there are varieties of unique fragrances perfectly suited to your needs.

Next drop a bath treatment, oils or salts into the bath water, if you want all 3-in-1 I highly recommend a Bath Ice Cream from ME Bath; these balls of epsom salts, essential oils and botanically-based emollients turn any bath into a deeply nourishing treatment for tired skin while alleviating joint and muscle pain. Kerstin Florian makes great scrubs and emollient cleansers with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling supple and renewed.

You can even slap on a facial mask too and just sit there, soaking in the bliss as toxins and impurities are drawn from your body along with all your worries and cares, if only for a little while. The endorphins produced from even a half hour of relaxation such as this can have a measurable and cumulative effect on your body and state of mind, helping you to cope with the pressures of daily life that much better.

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