Tattoo Camouflage & Concealing

Tattoos can be wonderful pieces of art on the body. But at times we may need or want to cover them up. A job interview, wedding, company party, etc. can all spark the desire to conceal tattoos.

Actually covering a tattoo can be a timely process but with the right products and a bit of patience you’ll be fresh skinned for your day. Tips for optimal results include working on a clean and moisturized canvas, applying layers of the product, allowing the product to dry and layering as needed. Mixing colors and products to find the best result is always useful. Lastly, covering the area with a setting powder will be helpful to keep the coverage long lasting and stand up against moisture, humidity, sweat, etc.

Consider the following products to assist you in camouflaging inked areas – Jane Iredale Disappear, Exuviance Coverblend Leg & Body Makeup SPF 18 and/or Dermablend Leg And Body Cover Creme.

2 Responses to “Tattoo Camouflage & Concealing”

  1. Beth

    Does anyone know where to purchase SBR Lipocream manufactured by Ferndale Laboratories. This is the only product that healed my husband’s allergic reaction to surgical gloves.

  2. Meagan


    To my knowledge this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer (Ferndale Labs). I highly recommend the following replacement product – Yu-Be Tube. Best skin care wishes.

    Meagan, Esthetician

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