Thairapy 365: Making Mornings Better One Blow Dry at a Time


I have been in search of a good hair dryer for about 5 years. My mom always had the expensive salon worthy tools and my sister always had the cheap drugstore appliances. I was somewhere in the middle and for some awful reason, nothing ever seemed to work wonders on my mane. They were too heavy, too loud, too hot, too expensive, too time consuming; too much work!

I have long, heavy hair that usually takes about 20-25 minutes to fully blow dry. Therefore, I resort to washing my hair at night (when I actually wash it, thanks to good ol’ dry shampoo!) and letting it dry while I sleep – because clearly there is never enough time to do this treacherous task in the morning for someone who isn’t… a morning person to begin with.

Leave it to Team Thairapy 365 to create a killer hair dryer that answers our hair envy/time crunch prayers! They developed the Thairadry Blow Dryer that actually decreases drying time by 50%. I know what you’re thinking, “did she type that correct? 50%!?” Yes, I know, it’s insane. I have never been able to dry my hair in 10 minutes flat before Thairapy 365 stepped up to the plate.

By incorporating an innovative far infrared light, the dryer actually infuses good heat into the hair cuticle which assists in drastically reducing our drying time. I was pretty intimidated the first time I used the dryer because the red light looked harsh when it lit up my mane (I know, I know. Infrared light looks like that. I was just too naïve to think it would actually be illuminated through my locks!) It wasn’t harsh at all; the light hits the core instead of just heating up the shaft which actually minimizes damage with better heat distribution.

To further the hi-tech components that I of course didn’t understand until Thairapy 365 blessed my life with its presence (my engineer father is so proud) – antimicrobial properties are also incorporated through Ultra Violet technology. This keeps the hair clean while drying to aid in luminous shine, smoother strands, and simpler styling.

My favorite part about this dryer (Only one? With all these great features?) is the fact that it doesn’t emit blistering heat. We ladies with frizzy hair tend to use the highest heat setting on all our hair appliances because it’s the only way our locks are manageable. However, the second we step outside, frizz takes over and all the time we spent styling is completely erased. This is why we should be using less heat and taking advantage of the cold shot button! We all know what that little button is for… right? Right. It sets the hairstyle the same way the Thairadry Blow Dryer does by emitting less heat throughout the entire blow dry process.

I must say, with two nozzle attachments, an ergonomic comfort grip, 4 speed and heat settings, half the drying time and less hair damage – I’m totally sold on the Thairadry Blow Dryer. I can’t wait to find just as many reasons to love the rest of their appliance line-up so I can continue putting my mom and sister’s hair tools to shame!

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