Thank you Mila Kunis


We all sometimes get frustrated at the continuous spotlight our society puts on youth, but for now let’s put that aside and admire Mila Kunis for these two very different looks. It’s shots like these that can help bring everyone back down to earth! We know by now that the vast majority of these celebrities have a combination of Photoshop, genes and products to thank for their “flawlessness,” but it’s still nice to be reminded of this fact by catching a glimpse of someone like Ms. Kunis without makeup.

In this day in age we should be teaching our younger generations more so than ever that nothing should be based on looks. As long as we know that, it is still okay to want to feel and look sexy all in our own unique ways. Since most of us live without makeup artists and Photoshop I am providing this curated list of products that deliver results!

Here’s to having the power and self-confidence to discover a different you:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brunette- If you don’t have time for anything take 15 seconds to do your brows. Thicker brows will change your perspective. Super easy with this tool to comb them out fill them in and continue on with your busy life.
  •  Beauty Blender Travel Kit- I was hesitant for quite some time refusing to get rid of my application process of foundation until a friend broke it down very simply for me. This tool is a game changer and really changes the way any foundation looks on your skin.
  •  BKR Glass Bottle in Chip- Challenge yourself to drink three liters of water a day. Do it for four weeks and you will notice a difference in your skin’s clarity and brightness
  •  Ultraluxe’s Visualift Eye Cream- (Former brand name was Sonya Dakar) This line never tests on animals and is equipped with potent anti-aging peptides and nourishing ingredients that work to lift the skin and reduce wrinkles.
  •  St. Tropez’s – Self Tan Bronzing Spray (Available on 3/28) Go big or go home! Self-tanning is far better for your epidermis then the real sun so lather up with this delicious smelling

Until next time,

Grazie Belle Donne!

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