The ABCs of Sun Protection for your Tween’s Face

By Deborah Hernan

The summer season provides a unique opportunity to teach our beautiful daughters a critically important life skill:  How to protect her face from the sun.

“A” is for Always.

We become keenly aware of the need for sun protection in the summer time.  But protecting her face from the sun should be a daily habit: summer, fall, winter, and spring.  For tweens, the importance of applying sun protection daily cannot be overstated.   The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, the sun blocking chemicals that are least likely to cause allergic reaction, for the sensitive areas of the face.

While zinc oxide may remind you of noses slathered in white goop, some of today’s formulas are available in a light, fast drying form that make for easy application, and leave no ghostly residue so they are great for all skin tones.  The smooth feel will leave your tween’s face feeling soft, smooth and protected.

“B” is for Behavior.

Good facial care is a learned behavior and its benefits, particularly when started at an early age, last a life time.  We all know that having clean, healthy, clear skin adds to our daughters’ well being and self confidence.

So be a model of smart behavior.  Starting today, explain why it is important to cleanse your face at least twice a day.  Demonstrate the importance of a daily application of a SPF moisturizer.  Face the mirror together, and show her how to apply her sunscreen properly.  Use a sunscreen that is easy to apply and isn’t sticky.  Add this step to her daily grooming ritual:  brush teeth, cleanse face, and apply sunscreen to face.

“C” is for Coverage.

Girls are becoming increasingly sophisticated regarding products.  Use their sophistication to educate them about the importance of using a sunscreen—and not just in the summer or at the beach.  When you explain the necessity of using a Broad Spectrum Protection sunscreen to protect against the sun’s cancer-causing and aging UVA rays and from the UVB rays that cause sunburn, you encourage her to be responsible for her face.  Explain that while Vitamin D is important, her sensitive facial skin ALWAYS needs sun protection—even on those cloudy days.

With 80% of the damage done to skin before the age of 17, there is no better time to teach our tweens the importance of good skin care.

Deborah Hernan

Founder, Ottilie & Lulu

Ottilie & Lulu is the creation of Deborah Hernan, a Manhattan-based mother with a history of senior management positions in consumer products companies and in advertising. When she was unable to find age-appropriate products to help her daughter establish a daily grooming regime, she created them. Specially formulated for delicate tween skin, Hernan’s goal is to help girls understand that clean, clear, healthy skin starts with a lifetime beauty regime of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting their skin everyday.

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  1. Lisa Anderson

    The O&L products are perfect for my 9 year old. Thank you Deborah for creating them!

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