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The Art of Aging Well: The Cast of Sex and the City 2 Looking Fabulous over Forty

by Liz W

The cast of Sex and the City 2 have definitely mastered the art of aging gracefully. If anything, the women we have been watching over the last decade look better now, in their second movie, than they did in the first season of the series. Granted, a lot of makeup and airbrushing is used to doctor up their movie posters, but even in real life, these four beauties are still fabulous over forty.Sarah Jessica Parker admits to feeling old and tired, and her frustration with buying all the face cream she can get her hands on, hoping to turn back the clock without surgery.

But most of us aren’t even concerned by her face since we are so distracted by her flawless body. Fashion has always been SJP’s strong suit and part of the show’s/movie’s appeal is lusting over (and sometimes laughing at) all the outrageous and high fashion Carrie Bradshaw outfits that they come up with.

People are constantly asking her to let them in on the secret Sarah Jessica Parker diet, but she denies even having one! She says she eats whatever she wants, practices portion control and her work out plan is to walk everywhere and never use elevators.
Carrie Bradshaw’s hair has also come a long way and taken some very interesting twists and turns since her humble beginnings on Sex and the City’s first season.  She has traded in her wild, frizzy shoulder length do, for long, healthy and subtly highlighted hair.

The oldest member of the foursome, Samantha Jones, is the envy of every woman over 50. Kim Cattrall, herself even admits to envying her character’s immeasurable self-assurance, claiming she is much more reserved in real life.

"Sex and the City 2" Filming in the Upper East Side of New York on September 1, 2009
"Sex and the City 2" Filming in Midtown New York on September 8, 2009 Like Samantha, however, she aspires to age gracefully, but prefers a more subtle makeup palate than her on screen self, focusing on her eyes and flawless skin. Although she pulls off her over the top Sex and the City 2 wardrobe with ease, Kim Cattrall’s every day style is a more classic, timeless glamour, and not quite  as dramatic as the sequin clad PR guru she plays.

The ultimate Park Avenue housewife, Charlotte York, is, of course, played by the brunette beauty Kristin Davis. Much less reserved and  more outgoing than her up tight character, Kristen is a spunky laid back woman, and that attitude carries into her beauty routine. Some of the beauty tips from Kristin Davis include staying out of the sun, staying cigarette free, and always focusing on inner beauty and health.

Last but not least is the level headed, high strung lawyer turned loving mother, Miranda Hobbes. Naturally dark-blonde Cynthia Nixon has been living as a red head since the Sex and the City series started, her many looks range from vibrant cherry red to a soft strawberry blonde, but she pulls the scarlet locks off so well that most people are shocked to hear she wasn’t born with a single strand of ginger hair.

See Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles here and decide for yourself which one looks the best.



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  1. Gina Clark
    Posted July 30, 2010 at 10:52 pm | Permalink

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