The Battle of the Bulge: Weight Loss For The Busy Professional


Following last month’s 30-Day Ab Challenge I found myself in a bit of a quandary as to why I did not lose as much weight as I expected to. I’ve come to realize that for most people weight loss just isn’t that easy and unless you’re blessed with a genetic predisposition to have a fast and efficient metabolism you’re probably going to have to really work hard at it. What does this mean? It can mean a variety of different things but it is rarely only one contributing factor to a person’s unwanted weight gain. I will be outlining a few simple changes I’m making to my health/diet/exercise regimen as well as identifying some major and minor obstacles that I personally face as well as some great products here on Dermstore that can help you achieve your goals as I work to achieve mine.

Firstly and most fundamentally is that you have to burn more calories than you consume each day. That means you have to really count your calories. Know your goal and plan your daily meals and activities accordingly. My daily goal is 1200 calories which nets me about a 2lb-a-week weight reduction, this is a fairly aggressive goal. In order to keep me on the slim and narrow I’ve been logging my daily intake and exercises on the free myfitnesspal smartphone app. It comes with a built in UPC barcode scanner so you can log the daily nutritional values and servings of your favorite foods.

As Americans we routinely consume far more calories than our bodies require on a daily basis and we do so in a way that optimizes weight gain instead of weight loss. Given that I have such a small amount of allotted calories that I can consume I have made sure to properly space and proportion my meals so as to keep my less-than-stellar metabolism active and in balance. It is important to eat within 30 minutes of rising in the morning, any longer than that and your body will automatically go into fat-hoarding mode and store whatever you eat subsequently as fat rather than trying to metabolize it. I personally like the Bevita Golden Wheat breakfast biscuits as they’re a good and nutritious whole-grain carb. Roughly 2 hours later I’m just getting into the office and have a small bowl of light, high-fiber cereal with non-fat milk or non-dairy alternative totaling around 230 calories. Between this time and lunch it’s good to have a healthy low calorie snack on hand like raw kale chips or drink a super healthy probiotic drink like Kombucha.

Come lunch I have been alternating between small 4oz portions of broccoli or raw kale salad. Eating raw foods is excellent for your metabolism because they are much easier for your stomach to break down and draw nutrients from than processed foods. If you want to get a jumpstart on detoxifying your system I recommend the ultra-gentle Restore Colon Cleanse by Cosmedix which blends 739 grams of plant fiber with vitamin-rich herbs and probiotics. This can also be used as a substitute for your morning meal when you wake up and keeps you from feeling hungry for several hours.

I normally do my 30 minutes of cardio at lunch time and select an interval course because it’s very important to keep your heart rate alternating roughly every 2 minutes between its peak cardio zone and lower fat-burning zone. By going as hard as I can at a higher incline and resistance setting for 2 minutes and then reverting to a more moderate cool-down pace for the following two minutes helps my body release an enzyme that instructs my metabolism to convert its stored fat cells into energy up to 380 calories giving me a much wider range of meal options for the rest of the day and normally consume either a 200 calorie meal replacement shake or a steak salad from my local gym café. I also use Sprayology Diet Power which is a homeopathic appetite suppressant that maintains a healthy metabolic rate without the use of thermogenics.

It’s best not to eat anything heavy past 5pm so try not to plan an overly sumptuous feast for dinner as biologically speaking there is really no need for it. If you go to sleep with an abundance of un-burned calories they’re almost certainly going to be converted and stored as body fat. I usually have a vegetarian meal in a small portion when I get home like roasted or coconut oil-sautéed vegetables.

To help with those cravings I would recommend the Elemis Invigorating Cal-Metab Plus Body Enhancement Capsules which use natural botanical extracts to gently curb your appetite while lowering cholesterol. I will continue to update my progress and any other changes, tricks and secrets I come across and that I find actually work for me. My current weight is 187 with a goal of 170 by the second week of August.

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