The Best Hand Cream Ever!

How many of you reading this post always have a bottle of lotion or cream in your purse? If yes, this post is for you. Lotion can be your best friend, and when you need it make sure you have the best kind to fit your needs.

L’Occitane (LOX-EEE-TAN) is a French organic brand from Provence, which is located in the South of France. I love this brand because the products’ aromas take over and make your skin and surroundings smell amaze! I die for their candles! Let’s not get side tracked though, back to the hand cream. The Shea Butter Hand Cream is made with 20% Shea butter to give you the best moisture possible! The cream also contains blends of honey, almond and coconut oil. There is a bit of a fragrance to it, mainly jasmine and ylang-ylang. I love to use this on my hands because I can wash my hands so many times after one application and my hands are as moisturized as they were when I first applied the hand cream. The Shea Butter Hand Cream comes in two sizes, a 5.2 oz. bottle for $28.00 and a 1.0 oz. for $10.00.

You definitely won’t regret investing into this hand cream. It’s a staple item in my hand bag and I am so thankful for finding a great hand cream that doesn’t leave my hands feeling dry, cracked or ugly hours after application. The Shea Butter Hand Cream will help you get through those cruel winter months and you’ll have gorgeous hands all the way through the year. Try one for yourself and let me know how much you are in love with L’Occitane’s best selling product.

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    This product sounds unbelievable! I have had dry skin my entire life and s

    ll struggle finding good products that will actually help my skin. Are there any samples available??? Currently I am using Gold Bond products but my skin is still dry ( I am a nurse and use alcohol products daily).

  2. Maribel

    I love this hand cream it does what it says my hands without it would he sandpaper but the best part of this cream is that my husband who doesn’t like moisturizers because they feel either to oily or watery but when I gave him this hand cream to try out this handcream has been the only thing he uses and buys!! Thanks Loccitane for my husbands soft hands!

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