The Long Lasting Makeup Test

Greetings, DermStore blog readers! You’re here, so we know you’re into beauty. And chances are, you’re also familiar with the ever-growing population of beauty “vloggers” on YouTube. We’re constantly impressed by the talent and creativity exhibited by the online community! I mean, what’s not to love about a five-year-old giving makeup lessons compelling enough to command the attention of 600,000 viewers? Or a makeup artist demonstrating a spot on re-creation of Natalie Portman’s iconic makeup in Black Swan? Pretty inspiring, if you ask us. So inspiring, in fact, that we’ve decided to expand our offerings as bloggers and give you some YouTube video tutorials of our own.  To supplement our traditional blog posts, we’ll be rolling out video blogs (vlogs!) on variety of topics in the coming weeks, from getting whiter teeth to restoring beauty after the achy throes of a hangover to making the switch from conventional to natural skin care. For now, here’s our first vlog (mine!) experimenting with waterproof makeup…Enjoy and feel free to leave some comments and tell us what you think!

So many of the makeup products these days promise certain things that they don’t always live up to. So, I decided to put a few of these products to the test to see if the things they claim are really true.  I used three different products that all claim to either be waterproof or long lasting. You know, the type of make up that stays on all day? I took the test to another level by wearing the makeup during a mountain bike race to see how well they faired during an intense exercise session. Want to know what I found?

Watch the video with results on my youtube video “the long lasting makeup test”

The three products I used were:

1) Lash Injection – Pitch Black- This mascara claims to make your eyelashes full AND long while lasting. It isn’t supposed to flake and claims to be waterproof. Think it worked? Tune in to find out.

2) Lip and Cheek Stain – Mango Crush- This stain is supposed to convenient in two ways. First, it is a product that can be used as two products. The color is supposed to be versatile and appealing for both your lips and your cheeks. Second, it is a stain so it is supposed be one of the long lasting makeup products.

3)Dream Tint SPF 15 Moisture Tint – Warm Bronze- Seems people everywhere are looking for long lasting stay put foundation! This light foundation is nice because its is easy to apply, waterproof and has SPF 15 in it. Good for everyday use, and especially convenient when you  need something light that will stay. Did it pan out as being everything it claims to be? Check out my video for more!

Looking for more? Check out what oprah recommends for long lasting makeup products.

2 Responses to “The Long Lasting Makeup Test”

  1. Suzanne Carter

    I love the Iredale Dream Tint and actually wear it myself to the gym and it lasts well even with heavy sweating. The brush that Stephanie was using I also have and I kind of stipple the Dream Tint on at first, then brush lightly to spread and blend.

  2. Mary Miller the beauty queen

    Great video, i had a look. love the tint!

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