The Lowdown on Sunshine, SPF and Scars


For those of us lucky enough to live in sunny California, summer is basically here! This puts a few fun things on our mind: sun, sand, tans and beach days. For those of us unlucky enough to have blemishes and scars, summertime is especially exciting because the sun and salt dry out our oily skin and leave a great tan to hide any imperfections. I am pretty known for doing more harm than good to my acne scars, as my mindset is always “the tanner my face gets the better! Hide those ugly scars and burn baby burn.” I know. I have issues. It’s more of a short term high, because by frying my face in hopes of veiling the blemishes, I am actually just making them worse. Tanning a scar just makes it darker down the road.

By doing some homework to improve my sunshine skin care routine (and actually start taking precautions instead of scorching my face), I learned that there aren’t many products out there that can provide exactly what I need: full scar coverage, broad-spectrum SPF, and the power to stay flawless even through outdoor activities and still look natural! Enter Dermablend.

Dermablend Professional is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Camouflage brand. They are experts when it comes to coverage, wearability and skin benefits. Their cosmetics collection has so many selling points but the factors that really hit home for me are being dermatologist tested, non-acnegenic, smudge resistant and up to 12 hours of wear. Therefore, Dermablend Cover Crème SPF 30 is my new beach best friend. I scoop a tiny bit with the spatula onto the top of my hand as a palette and then dab lightly onto my problem areas with my finger. With a  little blending in an upward motion, the blemish is completely hidden—and, protected from the sun’s harmful rays (hence, not getting darker). The coverage lasts all afternoon even through sun, sweat, and swimming, plus my skin still gets a healthy bronzed glow! My new post-beach best friend is Dermablend’s Quick Fix Illuminator in Pearl, because it truly brightens and accentuates a glowing under eye area. This not only contours the tops of my cheekbones, but it also makes my tan and protected face look even more flawless.

Too bad I didn’t start using Dermablend years ago – I could have been protecting my scars and illuminating my eyes instead of frying them in the sun. Happy beaching!

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