The Oscars: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Celebrities spend months prepping, styling and dieting for one big night… The Oscars. This red carpet event is where every celebrity showcases her best assets, rocking the most expensive jewels, elaborate dresses and made up faces. These Red Carpet Looks are what the pre-show is all about. Oscars fashion is legendary, and while much of it’s good, there’s also the bad. Before the main event this Sunday, let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of the most interesting looks we’ve seen at The Oscars.

The Good:

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This South African Beauty chose an impeccably cut orange-hued dress with simple jewels and gorgeous pin-up waves.  Her short vintage do and alluring lips pulled the entire look together.

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This is hands down one of my favorite Oscars Fashion moments. The Vera Wang dress flowed beautifully on her waif-like frame. Her hair accented the dress perfectly, casually thrown to the side with a few loose curls. But the entire look was polished off with her red lips, for a sexy, modern touch.

The Bad:

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An elastic waist band skirt and a mesh see-through top is never a good idea. Now we all know this, thanks to Gwyneth’s 2002 Oscars gown.

The Ugly:

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Sure, it was the late 80s and there were a lot of great things going on in the world of fashion.  But Demi Moore’s 1989 Oscars dress was not one of them. The over-designed biker short/prom dress was a result of Demi’s own work. Needless to say…her recent choices have been at the hands of a stylist.

If this wasn’t enough to satisfy your Oscars Fashion cravings, check out more of the Best and Worst Fashion in Oscars History.

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