The Quiff

The quiff is absolutely everywhere these days, enduring a resurgence that hasn’t been seen since its originating days back in the 1950′s. Elvis Presley, James Dean, and the Teddy Boy look all sported their own variations of the quiff, but the look today I feel incorporates all three, with influences from various generations.

Lately in men’s fashion we’ve gone through a number of stereotypes—the indie rocker, hipster, mods and now the dapper, clean-cut look. Each can easily be differentiated, but all seem to take influences from one another and various other subgroups, never really setting a “new” style. We’ve seen leather jackets, skinny jeans, a bit of rough stubble and pointy boots—a more fashion-weary 1950’s rocker. Now the hipster and mod look is still dominating the market, but there’s definitely been an influx of a dapper, Teddy Boy look. The hipster and mod have combined these days, taking on James Dean in desert boots, slacks, a quiff and a “who cares” attitude, with the mods in tailored pants and big overcoats. Then we seem to be reviving Elvis, the Teddy Boy and 1960’s business look all in one. Typically seen as a clean and polished looking man, with mesomorphic features, slicked hair, a tailored suit and a gentlemanly-yet-womanizer attitude. It’s actually amazing how versatile today’s looks can be yet remain so similar. It seems no matter what way you’re swinging in the clothing department or who you believe you’re modeling yourself on, you’re more than likely sporting your own version of the quiff.


Alex Turner

The Arctic Monkeys lead singer has gone from having a typical English-Oasis style mop, to incorporating a bit of grease into his daily hair routine. It’s a weird mix of a 1950′s rocker with a 1970’s greaser. Aesthetically he’s a greaser, slicked back hair, dons a leather jacket and puffs carelessly on his cigarette. But then he’s got an all-black look going, a bit grungier with the musical talent, parties as hard as he plays, yet all the while remaining conscious of his look.


David Beckham

Now here’s a bloke that’s had every hair style under the sun, most recently sporting variations of the quiff. We’ve seen the side part, shaved sides, and now here a more classical slicked back quiff. Aptly dressed—as always—in a sharp suit, Beckham is the epitome of a 60’s advertising shark. The difference with today’s look is that it comes with designer stubble, a bit of height to the quiff, and a more slimming suit.


Bruno Mars

This has Elvis’ style written all over it, very old-school with the accentuated quiff reaching its highest peak possible. Donning a simple suit and skinny black tie, it’s a real throw back to the 50’s kind of look. Slicked up, clean cut, and sunnies of course.



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