The Vivoderm Natural Skincare Story

Vivoderm is a natural skincare line whose seeds were sown over forty years ago by a holistic dermatologist, Dr Hedayat Adhami. His father worked as a natural doctor and herbalist and as a young boy, Hedayat worked in his father’s practice, selling herbs and learning about the healing properties of various plants. Against all odds, Hedayat put himself through medical school and quickly became a well-known dermatologist in his home country of Iran.

 Throughout the years, his fascination with natural remedies remained strong and Dr. Adhami spent the majority of his career researching potent, healing herbs from around the world and handpicking the most effective combinations for his skincare line. His mission has always been to combine his vast knowledge of medicinal plants with his medical knowledge to treat any skin condition.

In the mid 80’s, Dr. Adhami moved his family to Southern California. Initially, Dr. H. Adhami made the products in his own lab and treated only patients in his clinic. His two children, Shawn and Noushin currently work as doctors in Los Angeles.  As his son Dr. Shawn Adhami explained, “These products were personally developed by my dad. As a practicing dermatologist, he was also an herbalist, so early on in his practice he started doing research on various herbs that had a therapeutic effect. He started mixing and matching and after much success, Vivoderm was started. When I became a Doctor, I used some of my father’s products in my own patients with skin problems and began to see wonderful results.”

Dr. Noushin Adhami elaborated, “During our childhood my brother and I frequently heard from our father’s patients and acquaintances about how their skin and lives were transformed as a result of his treatments,” Years later, despite our busy practices, we were passionate about sharing our father’s line with the rest of the world.” In the spring of 2010, Shawn and Noushin founded Vivoderm Natural Skincare to make their father’s products available to the public.

About the Vivoderm Product Line

Vivoderm supports not resorting to harsh and potentially harmful ingredients in your skin care products. Skin care should be about true health – not punishing and shocking your skin. They choose to use natural ingredients, harvested from renewable and sustainable sources. The nine piece Vivoderm line is a unique, easy to use skincare routine for all skin types.

Their signature products are the 100% herbal, Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne Facial Masks. Unlike anything else on the market, both masks are a blend of actual pulverized herbs and natural lighting ingredients. It is so pure, you can actually eat it, (but they prefer you use it on your skin).

The remaining line of basic skincare products  – intense moisturizer, zinc cream, anti-aging eye cream and cleanser and toner – contain a majority of natural ingredients like Vitamins A and E, Chamomile, Comfrey, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Beta Carotene, Green Tea and Lavender.

“We believe that our products are the best skin care you can give your skin and we hope you will agree,” said Dr. Adhami. 

Vivoderm’s collaboration with nature goes further than natural skincare products. Their products are also 100% cruelty free, which means no animals are harmed in thier production process or that of their suppliers. In addition, Vivoderm packages are recyclable. Vivoderm is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Natural Products Association, and they are certified by the Leaping Bunny Program.

Read more about Vivoderm and see their natural skincare line at

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