TOCCA Party!

If you’ve ever used any of Tocca Beauty’s products—they have everything from soap and candles to lip gloss and perfume—you know that they know a thing or two about scent! Their candles have been a staple in my apartment for many years as their aroma completely transforms the mood of any room. And their delicate perfumes sit on my dresser not only because they are beautiful, but because they give off such a heavenly smell. Their new line of paraben-free body products: Bagno Profumato Body Wash and Creama Da Corpo Body Lotion are no exception!

This paraben-free line (you know how I try to use paraben-free whenever possible!) comes in 3 different scents: Cleopatra, Stella and Giulietta. The Cleopatra collection was actually  inspired by the powerful and beauty-obsessed Egyptian queen Cleopatra —the fragrance is an intoxicating blend of grapefruit and cucumber. Stella is a delicious sparkling orange scent. And Giulietta captures feminine innocence with pink tulip and green apple.

My favorites have to be the Body Wash in Cleopatra and the Body Lotion in Giulietta.  I am not exaggerating when I say that whenever I lather up in the shower with this body wash I literally suds myself up like I’m in a commercial! I’m smiling, I’m rubbing up to my neck, I’m stretching out my arms and my legs—I’m getting this stuff everywhere! It is so cheesy, but the Cleopatra fragrance is that good! And the formula gently cleanses skin while nourishing it with natural extracts of olive, honey and calendula. The Body Lotion lightly moisturizes with sweet almond oil, shea butter and honey. It absorbs super fast and leaves behind silky soft skin and the Giulietta fragrance is seriously so amazing that I got caught sniffing it for 15 seconds straight by a coworker.

Get these new Tocca body products while we’ve still got em’! The prices points are excellent ($18 for Body Wash and $20 for Body Lotion) so they make the perfect gift for a friend or yourself!


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  1. Judy H.

    I agree the Tocca Giulietta is glorious, although my favorite and the one I wear so much is the Tocca Stella. All of them are just gorgeous scents!

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