Too-Large Guinot Logo Delays Tennis Match, Reminds Me How Much I Love Guinot

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source: flickr user FoundryParkinn

I don’t exactly follow sports, but it was recently brought to my attention that, at the end of last month, 22-year old Russian tennis player Ekaterina Makarova was required to make a last-minute outfit change before her fourth-round match at the Australian Open. The wardrobe malfunction? An oversized logo on the front of her dress. The logo in question? That of acclaimed Parisian spa skin care line Guinot, a hard-to-find brand we proudly carry on

In case you’re not familiar with Guinot, it’s been around for nearly five decades, having launched in 1963. And it offers a broad spectrum of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masques, many of which I’ve tried and love. Of all Guinot’s offerings, their Masque Hydra Beaute remains my favorite. It offers potent hydrating and firming properties, and especially during the harsh winter months, it’s an outstanding way to give your skin the moisture boost it so desperately needs. Here’s a quick and easy guide to giving yourself a home facial with this awesome product.

1. Set the stage for relaxation. A home facial may not be quite the same as a professional one in terms of the level of relaxation it brings—but it’s still “me” time, so treat it as such. Turn off your cell phone and step away from the laptop. Light a candle or two. And put on some soothing music.
2. Cleanse your face and neck. Wash twice if you’re wearing makeup! Use a gentle, but thorough eye makeup remover to eliminate all traces of any stubborn mascara or eyeliner. Pat your skin dry.
3. Steam your face. Before you start your home facial, put a pot of filtered water on the stove. (And please, be careful.) Remove the pot from heat once the water has come to a boil, and using a potholder, transfer it to your kitchen table. (Putting your face in front of a pot of boiling water still on the stove = not a good idea.) Sit down so that your face is 8-10 inches or so away from the pot, and let the steam work its magic on your pores for a couple of minutes.
4. Apply the masque. Smooth it on evenly over your face and neck, using gentle upward strokes. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm (never hot!) water. Follow up with your regular toner and moisturizer, and enjoy your revitalized, dewy complexion.

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