Top 10 New Year Skin Resolutions

With the start of the New Year, its time to regroup and get my New Year resolutions in order and this year my focus is health and beauty. After hitting 30 in 2010, its super crucial I start letting my bad habits go; time to hit the gym, clean out the beauty closet and drink water like it’s going out of style. It’s all about my powerful combo of simple goals and superstar products to help me achieve my best self for 2011. So, grab your BPA-free cup of water and toast with me for a year of beautiful skin.

1.    Wash my face every night before bed: Simple to do but after a night of hanging with friends always tough to achieve. To help me stay on track with this one, I’ll keep a supply of Skin Purifying Wipes from Dermalogica by my bedside.

2.    Getting more sleep: It’s no secret, I’m obsessed with sleeping. It’s one of my favorite activities. But the downside to more beauty rest means the possibility of fine lines (sleeping on your side has it’s cost). So to combat the risks, I’ll be sleeping on silk. This pillowcase by BeautySilkz helps keep your skin and hair moisturized thanks to the essential amino acids and natural proteins it contains. Best part is the seamless design – this helps prevent facial creases. A BIG winner in my book!

3.    Less soda and alcohol: See my last blog post for why drinking less alcohol helps not just your weight but your skin as well.

4.    Apply sunscreen daily, rain or shine: If you haven’t received the memo on what sun exposure can do to your skin then please check out this slideshow that shows the damages of sun exposure.

5.    Check in with my Dermatologist. It’s essential to visit your doctor at least once a year.

6.    Keep updated on the latest gadgets that will help combat acne and aging. My current favorite tech tool that has saved my skin in the last week: ANSR’s Beam. It’s seriously a lifesaver. Plus, it’s a multi-tasker: it treats both acne and aging all in one device.

7.    Drink more water. Anything to help flush out toxins and keep my skin hydrated.

8.    Stop touching/picking at my face.

9.    Meditate.

10. Last but not least: Let go. This applies to old beauty products, unhealthy habits and all the little stuff that creeps up.

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