Top 5 Apps for Selfies (and other beauty shots)


Whether it’s Instagram, facebook or twitter, additional apps are great for presenting your beauty shots in a unique, more artistic way. These are my top 5 best apps to use before sharing photos online. With options including collages, adding text, frames, and simply expanding your filter library, these additional apps are going to be great for your online presence. Although it should be noted that even the most flattering filter can’t cover up disasters like these!

  1. A Beautiful MessThis app is prefect for the crafty types out there- think nail art photo with a sketched heart around it. It was created by Elsie and Emma, founders of the lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess. The app has custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles to enhance/frame your glam shots.
  1. Mirrorgram (FREE)This app is for creating a mirrored effect without meaningless extras that take up valuable phone memory. I like the app because it has a simple interface which makes it quick and easy to use.
  1. AfterLightAfterlight is a great all around editor. From making subtle filters to creating colored light flares this app is great for any type of image. It has a lot of easy to use features like adjustment tools, textures, and frames, which can really enhance your photos.
  1. Pic Stitch (FREE)Pic Stitch is my go-to app for combining multiple photos. With numerous layouts, this app is great for creating custom collages.
  1. LaminarThis one was recommended to me by our photographer Kelsey. It is for a more detail oriented person who has a little more time to spend on their photo creation. The app reminds me of a simplified photoshop because it has the option to create and adjust layers.

By adding these to your app collection, you may not become the next “it” blogger, but you will have fun creating unique images that stand out from the rest!

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