Traditional vs. Sheet Mask Debate: What Lies Behind This New Generation of Masks


Traditional serum, clay or gel masking comes along with water-soaked bathroom counters, goopy hair, stained towels, and a time commitment. Why not streamline this skin pampering ritual and embrace a new way to mask with hygienic, one-time use serum-infused cloth sheet masks? This skin care evolution from the East offers deep conditioning, lasting hydration and a targeted skin regimen – an easy choice for today’s on-the-go beauty multi-tasker.

Single task traditional masks often extract impurities from the skin without adding necessary hydration back in. All dermatologists and estheticians agree hydration is the key to preserving the skin’s glow, and will also allow for stronger day-to-day results with adopted products in a skincare regimen.

The daily beating skin takes from the environment, diet, and application of various personal care products calls for even the most well-tuned regimen to be kicked up weekly to provide therapeutic, deep conditioning to repair and fortify. Studies have found that delivering added hydration is more important than anti-aging products for the overall condition of the skin. Well-hydrated skin also equals fewer breakouts, less fine lines and dullness.

Masks such as Karuna use natural wood pulp fiber and Japanese cotton to help pores absorb nourishing ingredients faster and deeper than traditional and synthetic facial masks (whose thicker material dries out faster, preventing long-term absorption). The serum infusion within the natural sheet masks offers 50% more deep conditioning moisture than synthetic cloth masks as they hydrate, tone, and address skin concerns.

The new guard of rinse-free, serum-based sheet masks also offers the convenience of delivering key benefits in 15 minutes total with more mobility, versus up to 45 minutes for a traditional masking ritual. The result is lasting benefits in less time without the hassle… pampering yourself has never been so easy.

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linda wangLinda Wang and Karuna

Founded in 2009, Los Angeles-based Karuna has become a major evolution in the concept of beauty rituals.  Its innovative item-driven product line targeting specific skin concerns is a best-selling and award-winning evolution of the face mask with its no-mess, do-it-yourself facial that pampers as it treats individual skin care needs.  Inspired to impart her East-meets-West beauty knowledge with compassion and care, founder Linda Wang created Karuna by blending unique and sought-after ingredients that combine science and nature solving most common skin concerns in a fresh, modern way.  Karuna’s highly specialized ingredients are custom-blended to deliver specific results through an innovative delivery system.

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  1. Tenisha nguyen

    Traditional mask penetrate into the skin. I prefer traditional mask!

  2. Carol Kerns

    I would like to order some of these sheet masks. How do I go about it?

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