Train Insane or Remain the Same

More often than not many people use the New Year as a reason to create resolutions for themselves. Personally, I prefer to learn and plan solutions. This year I want to focus on my inner beauty.  I thought now is a better time than ever to share with our avid blog enthusiasts three general ideas on how to accomplish this.


For those of you who have uncertainties about meditation now is the time to lay them to rest. This does not call for robes, specific religious beliefs, or hours of your time. Simply grant yourself with a few minutes each day to be still and clear your mind (easier said than done). Personally, I try doing this a few times per week. For starters practice on your next day off. In the comfort of our own home, grab your favorite plush pillow or blanket and sit or lie down on your back in a quiet room, you can even take a bath, whatever will relax you. I love lighting my favorite DayNa Decker candle to create a soothing environment. The neat thing about these is the wick is made from wood so they crackle as they burn (to learn more visit here). Now that the scene is set, focus on emptying your mind. Calm your thoughts and focus on a steady slow breath. Inhale deeply through your nose and imagine peace and light filling your entire body, on your exhale imagine releasing all negative thoughts, anxieties and worries. Repeat this for as long as you would like as you drift into a deep relaxation. I find the hardest thing about meditation is keeping your mind still. It takes a lot of effort to not allow your mind to drift somewhere else. Focusing on my breath helps me maintain a quiet state of mind. Finish treating yourself by thinking about things you are thankful for and focus on carrying this state of peace and tranquility with you for the rest of the day. Remember there are many different ways to meditate, experiment with it.


All sighing aside, getting your blood flowing circulates oxygen throughout the body. This detoxifies organs and does wonders for our skin. It seems that most individuals run into trouble because they have unrealistic expectations and eventually give up. My advice is simple: be vigorous in the continued repetition of working out, not necessarily in the act itself (that will come later).  Look at exercise as a way of life rather than a chore. Focus on achieving daily goals. Challenge yourself to sweat every day! This can occur from doing something as simple as walking for 20 minutes or doing jumping jacks during commercials of your T.V. show. Once you begin to feel comfortable with twice a week increase it to four times a week. Figure out what exercises work for you and practice mixing it up to avoid boredom. I enjoy group classes and running. Check out a local gym and ask about a free trial offer.  In order to stay motivated find a workout buddy and/or subscribe to health/fitness magazines and blogs to learn what others are doing to better themselves. Treat yourself to new gym shoes and clothes, as a reward for your hard work. I would definitely recommend having this hydrating mist in your gym bag. It is the perfect post work out product. After you wash the sweat from your face give yourself a spritz of this and you will know exactly what I mean. If you are already an exercise-holic set new goals and remember no pain = no gain. Conquer any mental road blocks by doing 5 more!


I love food and have learned that it is the most important component in maintaining our health. Don’t bother training your mind or your body if you aren’t going to begin with training your mouth, hence why I have saved the most important for last.  In order to train your mind and body you need to nourish them both with the right foods. I know this goes without saying but, PUT DOWN THE JUNK! Start right now by ridding your kitchens, pantries, dorm rooms and secret hiding spots of any edible items you do not know the FIRST FIVE ingredients of. Educate yourself on how to read nutrition labels and know exactly what you are putting into your one and only temple. Decrease your cholesterol and your carbon footprint simultaneously by limiting your intake of animal products (milk, eggs, meat etc.). Support your immune system by increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits. The more raw foods you eat the more nutrients you receive. Make this lifestyle change fun by finding new recipes and inviting friends over to share a healthy meal. Eating healthy is not a fad, or trend that will soon go out of style. More and more people are realizing the importance of where their food comes from and are steering clear of anything unnatural. Buy local, and support independent farmers. I encourage you to start making these necessary changes yesterday and thank you for doing your part.

Food Inc. is a documentary that some may find intriguing. Check out the trailer:


Cheers to you for getting insane about your health and never being the same again! Happy New Year!

Until next time Grazie Belle Donne,

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