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Travel-Ready Products To Plane-Proof Your Skin

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Ahhhh … the holiday season is upon us once again! If you’re like most, you’ll be doing your fair share of traveling over the next couple of months. (If you’re like me, you find yourself at the airport on a monthly basis.) Whatever the frequency of your air travel, if you’re flying ANYWHERE during these cold months… you’ve got to come up with a game plan for your skin. In case you care, I will be leaving LA in precisely 2 weeks to brave one of the coldest regions of the US: the midwest. (I’m headed to Chicago to visit my boyfriend’s family.) Of course, I’ve already got my coats-and-scarves outfits planned out. And, just as importantly, I know what products I’m bringing, too. I mean, when something like Air Repair Kit exists, that part is pretty much a no-brainer. Allow me to elaborate.

My tendency to over-pack has always spilled over to my beauty products. (You’re looking at the words of someone whose product stash just about necessitates another suitcase every Fashion Week.) I can’t help myself from thinking I’ll NEED 3 masks, a handful of oils and serums, a couple different moisturizers and a different cleanser for day and night whenever I leave my house for more than 2 nights. Hey, it comes with the territory of my job! The thing is, it’s really, really annoying lugging all those products around and then trying to find a home for them in a hotel room. Worse, most of them are too big to carry on the plane. One of my coworkers recently passed along the aforementioned Air Repair products, and I couldn’t be more excited to take them with my for my trip in December.

The kit contains the essentials we all need for day to day skin care–cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer–plus a balm (crucial!) and a facial mist. All are sized so that you can throw them in your carry on bag without any TSA confiscation situations. And that’s amazing. Look, nothing dehydrates an otherwise healthy and radiant face quite like a flight, and these essentials are not only size-compliant, but designed to save your skin from the perils of air travel, hence the name. My musts for use while I’m actually on the plane? The super-refreshing facial mist, the eye cream, and the balm, which SAVES my lips. I use it on a daily basis, actually.

So what else makes Air Repair so great, and what (besides packing the right products) can we do to put our best face forward during our arduous travels this season? Tune in to our Facebook page tomorrow at noon PST, and you can ask Air Repair’s founder, beauty expert Denise Spanek during our live Q&A!



  1. aaron reck
    Posted November 19, 2013 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

    I will be sure to tune in. I’m excited. Traveling is such a big thing it’s good to know you can be prepared for any skin emergency.

  2. Rhonda Ashburn
    Posted November 20, 2013 at 10:46 am | Permalink

    I am the same way. I can pack the clothes & have a color theme….no problem!!! When it comes to the makeup & skincare…Whoa, no one wants to travel with me then. Over pack is probably an understatement! I know I will need this one & that one & this color & that color & so on & so forth, until even my husband has threaten to keep me grounded!!!! HELP

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