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Trend Alert – Gel Nail Polish

Previously I had talked about how to get stronger nails. Today, I want to share with you and see what you think about what I have been using for a while, Gel Nail Polish. My boyfriend has told me before: “That procedure cannot be good for your nails.” Ask me if I listen. The truth is that my nails have never looked and stayed so beautiful for so many weeks at a time. For years, I have been getting a manicure every week, or at least a change of nail polish. Everyone knows that it is very hard to find a long-lasting nail polish, especially when your work requires you to type on a computer keyboard 8+ hours per day. One day I decided to spend more money than I usually do on regular manicures and tried this new trend in nail polishes, and voila! I haven’t been able to stay away from them.
There are some things I dislike about gel nail polish which I’m planning on sharing with you, I even thought about not using this kind of product again, but there are certain celebrations, trips or activities that always brings me back— could be me just making up excuses :) . Anyone that has gotten a manicure using gel nail polish knows what I’m talking about: even after two weeks have gone by, you still get compliments on your nails. This polish doesn’t chip and your nails are always very shiny.

Unfortunately not all good things are the best for you and your health. Every time the manicurist applies a coat (weather it is the base coat, nail color or top coat) you have to put your hands under a UV light. This is one of the steps I am not ok with, I often check the top of my hands to see if they are getting burnt and the day I realized they were, I started using sunscreen – which it is such a hassle if you ask me. Dr. Susan Taylor gives us an alternative; find a nail shop that uses LED light, which I’m definitely looking into next time I’m due for a manicure. Now, here is the worst part: removing the gel nail polish! I usually go back to the same place and have them remove the old one before getting a new one. This process is painful and not very friendly to the eye, your nails end up looking unhealthy and ready for some serious nail treatments.

All problems aside, my nails never looked better for days at a time! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like this process is at all healthy. I’m thinking that I should stop using gel nail polish for a while, or at least let my nails rest for a bit, making sure I’m applying some really good nail protein formula in between, what do you guys think?



  1. Cynthia Knisley
    Posted September 7, 2012 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    I”ve never had gel polish but I would love to try it.

  2. Caroline S.
    Posted September 10, 2012 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

    That ‘scraping’ should never be rough…I have been to many salons and received many forms of gel & shellac polish treatments. Some use the UV, some use the LED, some scrape REALLY HARD and ruin your nails (yes, it happened to me once), and some don’t. I recommend you get a really good referral by talking to people who have had it done – otherwise you can call the salon in advance to ask them what curing they use, what kind of gel polish, how they remove it, etc. Otherwise, I heard you can brave it, and buy a home kit (light & all!).

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