Vivoderm 100% Herbal Facial Masks – Food For Your Skin

Throughout the rise of the industrial revolution, many Westerners we were led to believe that the synthetic health and beauty concoctions created by chemists and laboratories were actually beneficial for their skin.

According to wikipedia and beauty advertisements at the turn of the century, many of our modern moisturizers and skin treatments had their start as “medicinal cures” from the 1850’s through the early 1900’s. By mid-century, the well used “cold creams” and “vanishing creams” were replaced with ever-increasing formulations promising a range of therapies. By the 1990’s women were regularly slathering on an array of toxic and synthetic formulations expecting only the best.

Unpronounceable and unregulated ingredients such as, Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfate,  Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDM Hydrantoin and Behentrimonium Chloride  have been used to extend shelf life and increase lathering or sensory effects.  When studied, these chemical compounds proved  to cause everything from allergic reactions, “liver abnormalities and kidney damage,” to necrosis (skin tissue death).

After decades of pollution, disease and toxicity, we now know the true consequence many of these products have had not only in our environment but in our bodies.

So it just makes sense that many are now seeing the benefits of going back to nature and choosing the most basic nutrient provider and healer —food.

Founded on this principal, holistic dermatologist and creator of Vivoderm Natural Skincare, Dr. H. Adhami, produced a line of 100% herbal Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne facial masks so pure you can eat them.  The Vivoderm masks are actually pulverized herbs that come in powdered form – so they don’t suffer the same shelf life effects as formulated brands. They are also customizable for any skin type by adding more or less water and any natural ingredient you choose to enhance the effect.

While we obtain most of our nutrition through our stomach when we eat, the skin ingests nutrients as well.  Creams and lotions applied to the skin bypass the digestive process and go full strength directly into the bloodstream. Consequently, we see many new pharmaceutical treatments available in “patch” form.

Our bodies then take all these combinations of nutrients and chemicals and either build healthy new tissue or process them as toxic waste. The new rule is to see skin care as “food for the skin.” If you cannot eat it, do not use it on your skin.

Every single ingredient in the Vivoderm facial masks is beneficial to your skin’s health and provides great healing. Key Ingredients such as Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Marshmallow and Vitamins C and B Complex each have unique healing and regenerative properties to bring your skin back to health. A boost of antioxidants and anti-microbial herbs keep skin protected from further damage.

According to Dr. Adhami, all normal skin should be rosy, unblemished, smooth, soft yet firm, elastic and luminous. If your skin is dull, blemished, dry, sagging, wrinkled or discolored, you are probably suffering from some form of bodily toxicity due to poor health habits, environment and improper skin care.

Lack of nutrients will create a decline in skin function including: limited new cell growth, reduced blood circulation and depressed elastin and collagen production. In order to keep the skin looking young and radiant, beauty treatments must stimulate new cell growth, repair damaged cells and provide antioxidants for healing and increased blood flow.

The Vivoderm herbal facial masks work to clean and exfoliate the skin by acting as a gentle scrub to clear away dirt, pollutants, and dead cells and pull toxins from the skin. As a natural herbal treatment, the masks also maintain the skins’ natural pH and do not strip away vital moisture. Essential Vitamins and enzymes are balancing, nutritive, healing, and totally free of toxic ingredients.

So the next time you feel like trying out that expensive new cream in the department store, take a quick look at the ingredients and maybe think twice.

About Vivoderm

Family-owned and operated, Vivoderm Natural Skincare was founded in 2009. The creator of the Vivoderm natural skin care line, Dr H. Adhami, practiced as a holistic dermatologist for more than forty years and dedicated his life to creating a skin care line that reflected the philosophy, “One’s mind, body and soul are all part of a brilliantly designed unit; one entity cannot express its full potential if the other entities are ailing.”

Dr. Adhami trusted nature to be the best source of nourishment for the skin. Before his retirement in the 1990’s, it was his wish that his children take his life’s work as their legacy and share it with the public.

Today, Dr. Adhami’s children – son, Dr. Shawn Adhami and daughter, Dr. Noushin Adhami – fulfill their father’s dream and take great pride in sharing the Vivoderm line with you.

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