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Couldn’t we all use some help in the eyebrow department? I feel like I always could. That’s why I was so excited to sit down with brow expert/makeup master Brett Freedman. His client list includes a bevy of Hollywood beauties, including Camilla Belle, Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Williams, Lucy Liu, Emily Blunt, Patricia Heaton and others. He’s the real deal!


LIZ: I’ve always been told never to tweeze above the brow. Do you agree with that? Why?

BRETT: You cut the back of your hair and not just the front so why not tweeze above the brow and not just the bottom? Generally, the tops of brows have much less hair that needs tweezing so I would just pluck the “cobweb” hairs away from the temple and the sparse hairs that line the top of your brows. Getting rid of those hairs leaves a crisp looking line at the top.

LIZ: Some of my friends opt to thread instead of wax. What are some key differences? Do you prefer one over the other?

BRETT:At the end of the day, all methods pull the root from the hairs out of your face. Waxing is one quick swoop of about 60 hairs at a time, while tweezing takes longer to pull one hair at a time. Threading is a combination of both, since you’re able to pull a group of hairs or just one at a time. As a makeup artist, I only tweeze or thread my gal’s brows on shoots or for red carpet events because there is no reaction to these methods, like there could be with waxing on sensitive skin.

LIZ: Got a favorite product for filling in brows?

BRETT: My favorite products for filling in are of course my Vanitymark Pencils and Powders (smile)! I think the amount of gals that use powders compared to pencils is evenly divided. Usually you use the product you learned with. Powders are easier to use with harder to match hair types like redheads and blondes. My powders and pencils leave the same finish since my pencils are mechanical and on the waxy side, similar to the texture of a powder. The best products for brow fill-ins have a matte, velvety finish which is easiest to find in a powder. Also, regular wood pencils can turn greasy on gals with oily skin.

LIZ: Of all the beautiful brows in Hollywood, whose are your favorite? Why?

I love Jennifer Aniston’s full, yet polished taupe brows. I also love my client, Camilla Belle’s exotic, full brows. Lots of starlets are asking for this look these days.

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