Wedding Makeup Tips

My beautiful mother on her wedding day

My beautiful mother on her wedding day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and your make up must keep up with the festivities. My best friend is getting married this month and had asked me to give her some wedding makeup tips that I also want to share with you. I want to give you the basics and some makeup tipsto help your makeup last longer in the event that you are planning on doing your own makeup the day of your wedding.

Unfortunately with this economy many brides may be looking to cut costs and opt for easy and less expensive ways to make their special day unforgettable. It is hard to find long lasting makeup that is appropriate for such a special occasion and won’t leave you with pennies in your pocket. Nowadays, many cosmetic companies have made available at your fingertips the same products that a makeup artist would use when applying makeup for special occasions. As an example, the Duchess of Cambridge said ‘no thanks’ to professional makeup help for her wedding day and she sure looked fabulous. So why not try it yourself?

My first tip is to not try anything new on your special day; avoid unwelcomed surprises by using your everyday cleanser and moisturizer on the day of your wedding. In the event that you don’t usually use a makeup primer, I suggest trying some face primers at least two weeks prior to the wedding so that you get familiar with the feeling of using one. The benefits from makeup primers are remarkable; they help you to fill in wrinkles, even out your skin tone, and they help your makeup last longer throughout the day. If your wedding is under the sun, I suggest using Sunforgettable Primer SPF 30 by Colorescience, you can also use this primer in the evening or the very popular Spackle Under Makeup Primer by Laura Geller. Once you have applied the primer you are ready for the next step and my favorite one; foundation! You can read more about full-coverage foundation on my blog Mastering Full-Coverage Foundation. Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation is a great choice for the big day; this foundation will not rub off or sweat off and it is highly water resistant, and you will not need additional powder or blotting!

For a blush I suggest a powder-based blush since they usually last longer than cream based blushes. Even though a cream blush works best on dry skin types, you would still need to set it with powder so that it will last longer. For your eyes; use an eye lid primer, or simply apply some concealer to make the color of your eyelids look more even prior to applying eye shadows (don’t forget to set the concealer with a powder). Eye lid primers work the same way as face primers, just make sure to apply it very evenly. For your lips; if you haven’t found a lip stain that works for you, I suggest you apply your favorite lip pencil as if it was your lipstick followed by your favorite lipstick and or gloss. The lip pencil will stay on longer than a lipstick so all you would need to do is re-touch with a gloss.

Once you are done with your makeup application, do not forget to spray on a makeup finish spray. These types of sprays preserve the freshness of your cosmetics, preventing streaking, smudging and color loss. Try the Bridal Makeup Finish by Skindinavia.

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  1. Giana Forzareli

    Great post! I loved how you explained these great Bridal Make Up tips in a comprehensive post. I learned some keeps while reading this blog. I cannot wait to share it to my newly engaged friend. We are gonna have the best time planning her wedding. Thanks for sharing!

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