Wedding Prep Essential: PCA SKIN Perfecting Neck and Décolleté

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It’s hard to believe how quickly my engagement is flying by, but the countdown is officially on: I’m getting married in October, in just a little over four months! As you might imagine, I have a few beauty goals I’d like to meet between now and then. This post is dedicated to just one of them.

Wedding dress spoiler alert: I STILL have yet to find the one! BUT I’m pretty dead set on the silhouette I’m after (minimal and chic in a Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy kinda way, if anyone cares). Given the simple neckline this dress will inevitably showcase, I am doing everything I can to make certain that my upper body is in tip-top condition for the big day. As for the arms, that boils down mostly to working out: I’m doing tons of pushups and tricep dips and trying to incorporate more cardio into my routine. (Yeah, “trying to.” I’ve got over 4 months to go, okay?) What else is there to do, really? So there’s that. Physical labor for wedding-worthy arms.

As for my neck and chest? If only the arms were this easy! I am doing virtually no work at all to get this area looking its best, unless you count the minimal amount of effort it takes to apply PCA SKIN Perfecting Neck & Décolleté every morning and night. (l got curious about this one after seeing Heidi’s video.) I’ve been using this stuff for only a month, but can already see a positive improvement—in an area that might as well be a testimonial as to why the sun is bad and a daily skin care regimen with SPF is good, mind you! (Don’t know about you, but after sunning and tanning so many summers away during my misspent youth, I’m showing the signs of aging just about everywhere except my face, because I always had the good sense not to skip sunscreen there. Since today’s glass is half-full, yay for that.) My chest, given the delicate nature of the skin that lives there, boasts the worst evidence: fine lines, “sleep wrinkles” and, of course, age spots.

The reason that PCA SKIN Perfecting Neck & Décolleté has made a difference—the reason any skin care product will or won’t make a difference, and the only reason any product should be worthy of a splurge—is that it’s packed with targeted ingredients that work. Along with retinol—which is one of the lone anti-aging ingredients proven to rev up cell regeneration and reduce wrinkles—it’s got several different types of peptides (those stimulate collagen and over time, making our skin look smoother and younger), grape stem cell extract (for antioxidant protection) and niacinamide (to promote clearer, more spot-free skin.)

The big takeaway from this post? If you’ve got an extra minute every morning and night, you’ve got time to be doing damage control on your neck and chest.

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