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What really gives our age away?

By Ada Polla

In I Feel Bad About My Neck, Nora Ephron famously said: “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.”

To “necks” she might have added “décolleté” and “hands”. Indeed, my dermatologist father Dr. Luigi Polla, creator of Alchimie Forever, always told me that to know the true age of a woman, I should look at neck, décolleté, and hands, never at the face. We spend time, effort, and our hard-earned dollars to protect our faces from the sun and the environment. We use injectables and other med-spa treatments to prevent and correct wrinkles, minimize brown spots, and alleviate redness. But what do we do for our body? As summer comes to an end, let us be reminded that while our necks and decollates may soon be hidden under turtleneck sweaters, and while gloves may soon cover our hands, we need to remember that good skin care doesn’t just stop at the face. It’s imperative to take care of our body as well as we take care of our face.

A few fall skin care tips:

  1. Apply any facial product you use to your neck (think day cream, night cream, serums, SPF…) If there is any left over, don’t wipe the excess off, use it on the back of your hands.
  2. Use a specific product to protect and repair the delicate skin of the neck and bust. Try for example Alchimie Forever’s Alexandrite Tightening Gel for Neck and Decollete
  3. Always apply products to the neck from the bottom up, i.e. working against the forces of gravity.
  4. Protect your hands from signs of aging with a product filled with antioxidants such as Alchimie Forever’s 532nm antioxidant balm for hands and feet.
  5. And while your feet may not give your age away, remember they take us where we want to go; use a pummice stone in the shower, and nourish them daily with your favorite cream.


Ada is the co-creator of the Swiss antioxidant skin care line Alchimie Forever. She
launched this high end line of 16 products in the US in 2004 and has expanded her
company’s global visibility and distribution during the past 6 years.
Ada has professional consulting experience (DiamondCluster International) and product
management expertise in the medical device industry (Candela Corporation).
Her industry involvement ranges from being a founding member of the Washington
Spa Alliance (and its elected Treasurer) to being the Treasurer of Fashion Group
International of Washington DC. Ada also serves as a committee member of the
International Spa Association, contributes to numerous magazines, and frequents leading
universities and industry conferences as a guest speaker. She was featured on the cover
of Business Week Small Biz and was a nominee for the Emerging Entrepreneur of the
Year award for Entrepreneur Magazine.


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  1. patty clark
    Posted October 5, 2011 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    I believe it’s our neck.

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