When Good Beauty Products Go Bad

Source: flickr.com user zosojacks

Source: flickr.com user zosojacks

As sad as I am to say it, makeup products don’t last forever. In fact, using cosmetics that are too old can cause some pretty uncomfortable conditions, including pink eye, contact dermatitis and other unwanted ailments. Now, believe me, I am the last person who would choose to throw away a usable lip gloss just because it’s been open for a couple of months. However, when I consider the bacteria that’s throwing a party in there, I realize that I truly don’t want it anywhere near me, much less on my eyelids!

To minimize your risk of skin irritation or bacteria-related discomfort, remember to replace your make up products according to the following guidelines:

  • Mascara: every three months
  • Eyeliner pencils: every three months, unless you sharpen your pencils on a regular basis
  • Lip gloss: every three to six months
  • Lipstick: once a year
  • Foundation: once a year
  • Concealer: once a year
  • Mineral makeup: once a year
  • Non-mineral powders: every two years
  • Eyeshadow: every two years
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