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Why I Decided to Get Botox for my 25th Birthday Instead of an iPad

BY Jenna · December 27, 2012

Let’s start out with the obvious. I’ve already heard the ‘But you don’t need it’ a thousand times and I get it. I’m not 40. Yup, you’re right. I’m 25, married, childless and further into my career than the majority of my peers(read: I don’t live with or leech off of my parents, nor am I dragging out grad school because I can’t figure out what to do with my life,  or prepping to be an OC housewife, waiting for a rich husband to come along, ahem). You could also say that my attitude is weathered – been there done that. My hubby is about 7 years older than me, however he’ll get carded before I do which is a HUGE blow to my ego and I attribute that to my demeanor—partly. You see, there’s this little frowny face that I happen to make all the time, or my “lemon face” that is creating my forehead wrinkles. I laugh A LOT (burns calories) so there are fine lines around my eyes.  What to do… what to do… I KNOW! Get BOTOX! HOORAY!

I’ll admit it, for a long time, Botox was a taboo subject for me. I’d argue with my family members about the issue and how there are alternatives to injecting botulism in your face. Another matter, if I’m working so hard with my clients to banish fine lines and wrinkles then why would I direct them to injections? Or even worse, why would I ever do it myself?

All of the above. Totally.

After getting all of my questions answered from a very lovely Doctor in Beverly Hills, I took the first dive into Botox. And it was glorious. Why on earth didn’t I do this sooner? It still looked natural, no one noticed unless I blurted it out and told them (I was really proud of my injected forehead that didn’t move as much) and it stopped me from making ridiculous faces whilst staring at my computer. So on my 25th birthday, instead of getting an iPad or a piece of jewelry from my darling husband, I asked for Botox injections.  Off I went on the day of my birthday to the fabulous Dr. Magovern to get my face shot up. And it was—you guessed it—glorious, and peace was once again restored in Jennaland.

Call me shallow all you want, but when I’m preaching about wrinkles I sure as s#*t can’t have any on my head.  I did this for the sole purpose of preserving what I’ve worked so hard for. Having great skin is a lifelong process, and my friend Botox is coming along with me for this roller coaster ride. If I can spend hundreds of dollars and the precious time to apply a serum twice a day, then why shouldn’t I start at the root?

Why is Botox looked down upon in the industry? It is simply explained by the ever present stigma around getting Botox. Doesn’t it make you look like a wax figure? Isn’t it bad for you? You’re 4 steps away from a facelift! Hey now, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It doesn’t hurt, it’s fast, it’s fun to get used to your new face and you can start playing the guessing game of who else has delved into the magic needle. Hint: EVERYONE.

To be honest, when people have asked what I’m doing for my birthday, I’ve gotten a total kick from their reaction when I say: “I’m getting Botox”. Memorable birthday, yes sir.  Mission accomplished.

Sippin’ on some haterade? Let it roll in the comments below.

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