Yaeba teeth

In the past few months I’ve come across some pretty strange and ridiculous trends. Some people want to look like a doll, some get a vampire facelift, and others will stick their feet in a pool of tiny carp in the hope of taming the aging process. Well I love to trump my own findings and I feel this has done exactly that. Weird, creepy, ugly and disturbing, that’s all I can say for the latest trend out of Japan—Yaeba teeth.

Yaeba—’multilayered’ or ‘double tooth’—describes the fanged look achieved when molars crowd the canines, pushing them forward. The cosmetic procedure is meant to accentuate the canines, portraying a childlike and youthful appearance. Women are running to the dentist to achieve the younger look that people describe as “cute.” Honestly this is just disturbing that people are wanting the look of a young girl, and that supposedly it’s well-liked by men who find the imperfect smile endearingly childlike and attractive. It’s blatantly sexualizing a childlike look. 

Here in the US—and most normal places around the world—people seek a straight line of pearly whites. Children go through enough trouble loosing their baby teeth as it is, and having to deal with the insults like “snaggletooth” just to go and mangle their teeth like this. Though Japanese women are actually welcoming the term, and are paying big bucks to get the look.

The procedure is most commonly a non-permanent one, where by custom fitted, removable caps are glued to the canines. Costing around the $400 mark, the trend has blown up to a level of celebrity status. Last year an idol group called TYB48 was formed—by a dental clinic as well! (such entrepreneurs)—with its 3 members all chosen specifically for their imperfectly perfect Yaeba teeth. They dressed up in school uniforms, they overtly displayed this childlike image with their intentionally altered teeth, and they also named their first CD—no joke—”Mind If I Bite!” And if that’s not all, one clinical director is even giving discounts to middle school and high school students, so long as they have their ID of course. In his words, it gives them an “impish cuteness.” Honestly what is going on?! This is not a trend, it’s just sick.

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  1. Anna K.

    Some people may find this article insulting and ignorant but I don’t. I think you’re right. Why would women pay to have teeth that look mangled? I think it’s rather strange (and ugly) trend. I understand it’s a cultural thing but it’s still weird. Why would women want a childlike appearance anyway? Little girls are cute, but women are beautiful. I think you are spot on about how this trend is sexualising a childlike look. It just seems wrong.

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