New Beauty Products: Hissyfit Sun Care

BY Jacqueline Cheney · July 21, 2009

Source: user Amen-Ra

Source: user Amen-Ra

If you’re like me, you may have good intentions when it comes to taking care of your skin, but when it comes to taking the time for a complete skin care regimen, you may fall short. That’s why I love beauty products that combine two or three steps into one, and my new favorite multitasking brand is Hissyfit.

Exclusive to DermStore and new to the United States, this Australian sun care line has made it easy to get your daily dose of SPF without any extra work.

It’s a simple line with only four products, but these four products are like nothing you’ve tried before. Here’s the rundown.

1) Saving Face SPF 50+
The product that started it all, this foundation has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only a full coverage makeup, this lightweight cream also works as anti-aging treatment, daily spf moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen. Available in 8 shades.

2) Body Double SPF 30+
No need to worry about a body lotion and sunscreen. This skin-soothing wonder acts as an anti-aging treatment and sunscreen moisturizer for your skin, protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. Just remember to reapply throughout the day for the best coverage.

3) Handywork SPF 30+
Your hands give away your age faster than anything else, and yet are probably the most overlooked area of your body. Give your hands some extra TLC with a lotion designed to replenish moisture, reduce brown spots, smooth away wrinkles and protect your skin from the sun.

4) Lip Service SPF 50+
Your poor lips can take a lot of abuse, but the sun is something they definitely can’t withstand. With little to no natural pigment, this ultra-thin skin is super-susceptible to burning. Luckily, this powerful balm will keep them protected for hours while moisturizing and adding sheer color.

Jacqueline Cheney

Name: Jacqueline Cheney Occupation: DermStore Copywriter Age: Beginning to feel comfortable in my skin About me: I'm a beauty-loving cosmetologist, skin care enthusiast, celebrity news addict, music lover, crazy cat lady, nomad, southern girl and wife (not all in that order). What’s in your makeup bag? Jane Iredale Dream Tint, Jane Iredale PureMatte Powder, Jane Iredale Lengthening Mascara, Colorescience SunCanny Powder and Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar. Your #1 must-have product: Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque. It’s the perfect overnight spot treatment for blemishes. Favorite Brand(s): NeoStrata, PeterThomasRoth, Glytone, Dermalogica, Sircuit Skin, SkinMedica, Whish (and all the brands listed above) Your best beauty tip: Don’t give up on a skin care product too soon. The majority of women give up on skin care products before they have a chance to work. If you stick with it, you’ll get results! Your biggest beauty concern: Acne! When will it ever end? Read More >

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