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BY Marissa · February 10, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I started my challenge for a healthier lifestyle. What I forgot during my big announcement was my move from my apartment of 3 years to a charming house across the city. Well, that put a snag in my health makeover so February was my official start date. This gave me a chance to really collect my thoughts, develop a plan of action and gather a support team. To jump-start this challenge I needed to find convenient ways to help make the transition easier while I unpacking stacks of boxes. Lucky for me Perricone MD  had exactly what I was looking for in terms of convenience and supplements. Instantly I was drawn to the Metabolic Formula and Superberry Powder with Acai . I figured this dynamic duo will help amp up my metabolism while the acai will help me power through from work to home. In addition to these wonder supplements, I’ve also made a commitment to Meat-Free Mondays  (thanks Stella and Paul McCartney) and take time to rest. Here are the quick stats for the benefits of the above and a couple other changes I’ve made to help make the stress of moving less challenging:


Multitasking is great but it’s crucial to take some time for you and rest. Simply take 5 minutes a day to hone in on your breathing and listen to what you need most in that moment.


The Metabolic Formula: This 10 day supplement program helps rev up your metabolism with concentrated omegas, carnitine and evening primrose. All these ingredients work together to help enhance your skin, regulate your appetite and convert fat into energy.

Meat-Free Monday:

Mondays I commit to eating no meat. I stumbled upon this mission via Stella McCartney’s site. For recipes that are delicious and meat-free I’ve been obsessed with the blog, My New Roots. Sarah Britton gives great advice and fantastic recipes that are easy to try, even for a beginner cook like me.

Drink Less Soda and Alcohol:

This is where Superberry Powder with Acai comes in. This antioxidant gem is helping me drink more water and keep my energy consistent throughout the day instead of getting a spike from coffee or soda. It tastes great and helps stimulate mind and body. Perfect for this busy year!

Next post we will catch up on my progress with the above and the next phase of my challenge: adding regular exercise to the mix! Hopefully I’ll have all those boxes unpacked to find my workout gear. ;)


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One Response to “Perricone MD’s Dynamic Duo Supplements”

  1. Patti D

    Thank you so much for this post! I too am doing two days meat-free and honestly feel SO much better. The hard thing for me, is that I live in Wisconsin and it’s so hard to do salad right now-no produce is even worth buying! I enjoy salads because boy, do I fix them up, without all the added calories!
    I will def look into The Dynamic Duo-maybe you could dun a contest on them? Too costly for me at the moment, but will keep my eyes open.
    Thanks again for all this input and good luck on the water drinking…know that somewhere out there, someone is doing the struggle right there with you!

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