PRIORI Lash Recovery Serum Giveaway

BY guestblogger · May 24, 2011

PRIORI®, The Anti-Aging Authority, has long been the worldwide source for anti-aging science and patented technologies, with its introduction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in 1983, Idebenone in 2004 and CoffeeBerry® in 2008, which was described in Allure magazine’s December 2010 issue as the most potent antioxidant.

Now the same cosmeceutical research scientists behind the innovative brand have formulated another anti-aging technological breakthrough, which happens to be our latest giveaway. PRIORI Lash Recovery Serum with Triple Lipopeptide Complex™ is the first prostaglandin-free product on the market with a unique complex of 3 different potent lipopeptides, which together with nourishing and conditioning ingredients, helps stimulate and support hair follicle sites to make lashes and brows look fuller, thicker and more voluptuous. It’s also been clinically tested to enhance lashes in just 2 weeks, revealing up to a 27.75% increase in eyelash density.

 So get ready to transform your lashes! Tell us why you love PRIORI skin care, and you could be one of the 5 lucky winners to receive PRIORI Lash Recovery System!

 Tell us why you love PRIORI skin care!


Congrats to our winners:

1)  Marilyn

2) Sheila A.

3) Victoria

4) Jess P.

5) Wanda

Please be sure to check your emails for more information on how to claim your prize. Thanks to all for participating!

**5 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell us why you love PRIORI skin care. Giveaway starts on 5/24/11 and ends 6/7/11 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced during the time of 6/8/11- 7/8/11. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**


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227 Responses to “PRIORI Lash Recovery Serum Giveaway”

  1. Cat Hare

    I love Priori skin care because they help me recover some of my youthfulness…

  2. Yenny Pratt

    I haven’t tried PRIORI Lash Recovery Serum yet. Hope I win so I have the chance to try it for free :)

  3. han abello

    i love Priori because it gives you that thick lashes without having to resort to extensions or wearing false lashes. it’s a miracle worker!

  4. Renata

    I love PRIORI because it is antiaging. I would love to give their Lash Recovery Serum a try-thank you

  5. angela b

    i havent tried it yet, but i would really love to!! then i can tell you why i love it :)

  6. Leslie W

    I love it because you get top quality products at affordable prices!

  7. Joann

    I would love to try the Priori Lash Recovery Serum. After many surgeries, I have lost hair on my brows, lashes and head. Very hard to deal with. If there was something that could help, I would love to try it, just to get some self esteem back!

  8. Julie

    I love Priori skin care because they have breakthrough products on the cutting edge of technology in the beauty industry. I barely have any eyelashes or brows and would welcome a product like this one. Thanks for the giveaway

  9. helen davison

    I love ALL of Priori because…. IT WORKS!!!

  10. natasha mehta

    Love it becuase it is a high quality and effective brand!

  11. Michelle Spayde

    I love Priori because Priori loves me!!! My already blonde eyebrows are disappearing; would love to try this!

  12. Regina S.

    Because I’ve heard it works and want to try it for myself!

  13. Jeanie Jones

    I’ve dealt with hair loss most of my life and Priori helps grow it back quicker and make me less self conscious. Wish I had had this in Jr high.

  14. Vera

    I would like to try it, my lashes looks so dull and thin i have hard time with my lashes.. Hope I could win it…

  15. Gretchen Breene

    i am curious about this stuff and i love to win win win!!!

  16. Dianna E.

    My eyebrows are gone from years of changing eyebrow trends. My eyelashes are puny and that’s giving them credit. Priori works, I want it to work for me!

  17. Tracey Hooks

    I have been enemic most of my life, therefore my eyelashes and eyebrows have suffered!!! Hope I win!

  18. Briann

    I love Priori because it keeps me looking as young as I feel. Seriously thought, the products WORK. And I adore them!

  19. Taryn Lewis

    I would like to try PRIORI simply because I would like to have lashes that look good without having to use mascara. My own lashes are ok, but to have longer, thicker ones would be fantastic!

  20. Karen

    I would love to try this product because, as I’ve gotten olden, my lashes, and even my eyebrows, have gotten thinner. HELP!

  21. Shian

    PRIORI is the leader in innovation and anti-aging science. One of the best of the best!

  22. Gigi

    Priori is a great brand that makes great products for people like me.


    I had stage 4 breast cancer last year and after the kimo I lost all my hair. I got most of my hair back except for my legs, which is fantastic but my lashes & eyebrows are not as full or long, and I sure would love to try your product. I thought of false eyelashes but I’ve seen some co-workers with them and they do’nt look very natural.

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