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BY Kelly Rothschild · January 3, 2014


The beginning of a new year always makes me sentimental about the years that have passed, as I reflect back on special occasions and moments that I would like to freeze. A yearning to pore over old pictures and memorabilia always overtakes me at this time .Today I find myself looking back on old photos from the 60s. Seeing my mom with that beehive hairdo makes me laugh, as does looking at all the makeup that was so popular in that era: dramatic eyes, flawless skin and the very light lip.

I started thinking about the women of the 60s , women that everyone looked up to as beautiful, and two women came immediately to mind, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.

It is funny, since these women are still being copied to this day. I wanted to find out what made them iconic since this was over 50 years ago and today we live in an age where you can basically change whatever you do not like about your appearance. Although they did have at their fingertips, the best that money could buy, their skincare regimes were fairly basic.

Marilyn Monroe believed that, to look your absolute best, there were a few rules you needed to live by:

1-Get Glowing Skin-Her skin always seemed lit from within, that was because of well-placed highlighter. If you use Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer mixed with your moisturizer underneath your foundation you can get the same effect or place a few dabs along the cheekbone upwards toward the temple to create a halo effect.

2-Moisturize-Maintaining gorgeous skin was essential. Moisturizing day and night! Constantly keeping your skin hydrated. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe’s.

3-Wing It-Accentuate the lids with a distinct strip of eyeliner to create a “cat eye” effect. Kevyn Aucoin precision liquid liner in basic black is perfect to get this look. Wither you call them cat eyes or just a distinct lid this trend has been around for many decades and will never go out of style.

4-Raise the Brow-Marilyn Monroe made a point of arching her brow whenever she went out in public, you can get this same look with Anastasia from Beverly Hills brow stencils which can guide you to the perfect curve.

5-Try Red Lips-Marilyn was pretty in pink, but classic red was the color that she was known for, remember it can be washed off, take the plunge, you may be pleasantly surprised by the compliments you receive. I love Babor Classic Red which is also infused with a nourishing lifting complex.

Sophia Loren believed that adding olive oil to everything would keep the skin supple and moist longer. She added olive oil to her bath water, to her hair conditioner and skin moisturizer. The Olivella skincare products all contain the same moisturizing olive oil; I love the Olivella Nourishment Cream.

Sophia Loren’s biggest make up indulgence? Rich creams to protect and nourish the skin, eye creams and lotions containing vitamin A and rosewater. Derma e “Refining Vitamin A Wrinkle Cream” is a good choice, also Skinceuticals “Face Cream with Triple Defense”. Bulgarian Rose Waters by Tammy Fender is a nourishing toner that strengthens the skin and revitalizes the complexion.

Instead of looking for quick fixes, these beauty icons were fastidious in their daily rituals because they knew that it maintained their beautiful looks. Will using these products make us look like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren? Probably not, but it will help us look the best possible versions of ourselves we can be.

Kelly Rothschild

Like this quote? Download this free desktop wallpaper now! Choose size: 1024x768 | 1280x800 | 1440x900 Name: Kelly Rothschild Occupation: Director of Brand Development Age: Seriously? Not telling About me: I love everything that has to do with cosmetics and skincare! I am constantly looking for WHATS NEW and I LOVE serums and facial masks. I love my job because I get to try new products all the time and share what is fun. I also just recently became addicted to Zumba classes, I like that they are fun and I forget that I am exercising. What's in your makeup bag? Everything !!! I am afraid I will be somewhere and need something so I bring everything with me where ever I go. I do not think of it as a hassle, I think of it as being prepared. My favorites are Colorescience Sunforgettable Powder, Jan Marini face serum, Batiste Dry Shampoo just to name a few…. # 1 must have product : Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel Favorite Brand : Too many to count ! Best beauty tip? ALWAYS wash your face before going to bed and monthly facials. Biggest beauty concern? Oily skin Skin Type? Oily Read More >

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